Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day

March 3: Talk in Third Person Day

An internet holiday on every third of March. You refer to yourself in the third person.

Say your name was John.

"John ate dinner."

"John went to the doctor."

"John is celebrating Talk in Third Person Day."

**M-Cat LOVES this one.  M-Cat will be so annoying today because M-Cat is celebrating Talk in Third Person Day!**


Cherie said...

Cherie likes this post.

Cherie has to go to work now but Cherie will remember to talk this way today!

Cherie thanks MCat in advance for driving everyone around her crazy today!

Cherie said...

Cherie is FIRST!!!!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Oh yeah...Scrappy Girl is giggling with glee. Scrappy Girl loves the chance to drive other NUTS! Scrappy Girl will be obnoxious and do this ALL DAY! What would be more obnoxious than celebrating this day? Doing it without explaining why you are doing it! mwhahahahaha!


Diaper Diva(Jamie) is very redneck because she gets caught talking like this all the time.

tammy said...

Oh oh oh! Tammy is so glad she read this post before the day is over. Tammy cannot wait to do it.

CountessLaurie said...

Oh Laurie wishes she read this post earlier in the day. Because Laurie would have LOVE LOVE LOVED this all the day long!!

kado! said...

Kado had no idea this was actually a holiday. Kado must put this on the calendar for next year...
does it still work now that it is the 4th?