Monday, March 8, 2010

Cancun - day 2 and a little Spiritual Sunday if you can imagine

Oh my what a difference a good nights sleep makes eh?

(view from our balcony)

Of course my internal clock was still funtioning so I woke at 5am, only to roll over and promptly fall right back asleep.

A few hours later, we started stirring, hitting the showers and getting dressed in church clothes.
We met our friend and tour guide, Webster, down in the lobby.  Loaded up two suburbans and headed for a church with a 10:00am  Sacrament meeting time.

It was in inner Cancun and a building we had been to before.  Our group of 12 gringos filed in, and took a couple of rows.  The friendly faces around me made me feel like I was just at home.  We were greeted by several members calling  "buenos dias" and someone even put a hymn book in our hands.

The meeting proceeded.  Now in my church, the first Sunday of the month is our Fast Sunday.  We fast for 24 hours.  No food or water.  It is a commandment that not only helps us understand sacrifice, but to strengthen our spiritual selves as well.  The money we would have spent on the meals we would have eaten are given to our bishop as a fast offering.  The funds are used to assist needy families in our ward.  If there is money left over, it goes to our stake, if there is money still left over it goes to an even larger region or area.  No cent is wasted.  Sometimes our offerings end up in the general church fund to be used to help people all over the world.

So today was fast Sunday.  Our fast Sunday sacrament meetings are not planned with speakers, instead it is an opportunity for members of the congregation to approach the pulpit and bear testimony of gospel principles, Jesus Christ or other things that they may be prompted to testify about.

At home, in my ward, we usually have a fairly steady pulpit, but oftentimes there will be several minutes of silence as no one is bearing their testimonies. 

NOT HERE!  The minute the congregation was given the go-ahead, SEVERAL people came to the stand.  Sitting in chairs awaiting their turns.  They even kept track of who was next.  They came in families.  And when everyone in the family had born testimony, then they all returned to their seats together.  It was the coolest thing ever.

And the most wonderful thing about attending church in Cancun is that I can understand VERY LITTLE of what is being said.  Instead, I must attune my Spirit to learn.  It becomes spirit to spirit communication.

Halfway through I felt prompted to share my feelings.  I asked Luka if he would translate for me.  We waited for a speaker to finish and then headed to the stand to sit in the chairs and wait my turn.  To my surprise GB followed us.

As I spoke, and Luka translated, I had the most amazing feeling.  I looked at those beautful brown faces looking back at me and I felt the most incredible love.  I thanked them for allowing me a few minutes of their testimony time.  I said some other things that I can't really remember, but the Spirit was strong.  The feeling in the room was indescribable.  Love.  Pure and simple Love.

We sat down, GB bore a quick testimony and then there was time for a few more of their members.
Again, I understood very few words.  But I completely understood the Spirit.  Such a cool experience.
I also loved singing the hymns in Spanish.  We followed along and pronounced the words the best we could.  It was so awesome.

After the meeting, we approached the missionaries.  We have started a tradition when attending church there.  On one occasion, they were confirming a newly baptized member.  He was an adult male who had no tie to wear.  After the meeting my husband took off his beautfiul tie and gave it to that new member.  It has now become our tradition.  So we asked the missionaries if there were members or investigators that could use some ties.  Of course the answer was YES!

Each of the men in our party removed their ties, handed them to the missionaries and I felt humbled.

After church we came back to the resort, grabbed a lunch of chips and guac and headed for the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

Dinner was at my favorite restaurant here.  Hacienda Sisal.  They have a filet mignon in greenpeppercorn sauce that is TO DIE FOR!

tableside guacamole!

After dinner, we headed to the B's villa for an Oscar's party. 

Yay Sandra Bullock - I love her.  And Yay for The Hurt Locker.  That is now on my list to see when we get home.  And Yay for James Cameron NOT winning. 

It is time now to call it a night.  I guess.  I really can do whatever I want right?  I am on VACATION!


tiburon said...

Looks like another fantastic day! Gotta love paradise :)

Hurry home!!

wendy said...

You look gorgeous in the black bikini and big straw hat??

Shit. you always make me cry on some of your posts. guess I shouldn't say shit when I feel spiritually moved. It's just me.
but each of the men giving away their ties was THE NEATEST THING EVER

no I'll repent for saying shit. well, probably not, cause that would mean I shouldn't do it again...and knowing me, I WILL

have a great time!!!

Untypically Jia said...

That's the coolest tradition ever! And it sounds like an honest to goodness perfect day!

Erin said...

What a fabulous time you are having! I am so happy for you!

I saw The Hurt Locker a month or two ago. I fell asleep about 2/3 in, but that's only because I am pregnant. It really was a fantastic movie. I need to see The Blind Side.

Just ME the MOM said...

Yay for vacations - sounds like Cancun is heaven! Some of my most memorable experiences have been in traveling sacrament meetings!


Jewls said...

Girl why are you blogging! I would totally be in that ocean ALL DAY!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

That view is incredible! And I loved hearing about your church service....sounds like everyone there was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy your trip!!

Suzie said...

I love you more after this post.

tammy said...

I love your family even more if that's possible. The tie thing is so cool.

We watched The Hurt Locker just this weekend. It was really good, even if it was a little hard for me to see considering my BIL died from an IED. Still, good movie. And Sandra Bullock - yes.

Pedaling said...

what a great spiritual sunday!
love it, once again!

and yay for james cameron not winning!

Becca said...

That pretty much sounds like the perfect vacation Sunday to me--awesome church experience followed by the beach-yeah, it doesn't get much better than that!

Omgirl said...

Do you hate James Cameron? I had no idea. What for?

Oh, those beaches. Those beaches! I just got back from St. Thomas and I still have to say, nothing and nowhere beats Cancun's beaches. Seriously.

p.s. Your son's don't seem to have your same complexion.

Stace said...

tableside guacamole?! say no more...i'm planning my trip NOW!