Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekends make me happy - Part II

Packages in the mailbox

Okay, so I had one from Kado when I came home from Mexico, but just barely got around to opening all my mail.

(a fun note with some scrapbooking items for my trip and then a full insert from her newspaper on my idol Derek Jeter.  I devoured it right away and now it will find a spot in the Yankees room.  Thanks for thinking of me Kado!

Then I had a surprise from Debbie. 
After my pathetic picture and post about having to use an "emergency candle" for Sissy's spur of the moment birthday cookie, she made note to put in my mailbox a set of REAL candles.  Now I have real emergency birthday candles that every Meemaw should have on hand.  Thanks Deb!  You ALWAYS have my back!

I am a lucky girl with kind and thoughtful friends!


tammy said...

I got a little package from Kado recently too. She is the bestest!

Patricia said...

There is nothing like great friends.


tiburon said...

That Kado is a keeper!