Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekends make me happy - Part III

Big people birthday parties.

Bulldog is turning 23 next week.  His friends threw him a big bash Friday night.  Knowing he could technicaly get called up any day, he wanted to take advantage of the chance for

Now, normally, I keep my distance, he does his thing and we leave it at that.  But I wanted to meet some of his friends, deliver his special gift and just let him know that regardless of our lifestyle differences, I still loved him.

All he wanted was Deron Williams college jersey.  Being the good Mama that I am, I didn't disappoint.

I showed up at this huge house, (thanks to the R's for their hospitality) and walked in, not quite knowing what to expect.  I had an idea, but was nervous nonetheless.  I tried to talk the Shark into going with me, but she had her own Mom duties to attend to.

Bulldog met me in the kitchen and immediately began introducing me to his friends.  They were all very kind, and very respectful of me.  Now granted, the beverages were flowing freely (NOT diet coke), and I suspect the smoky smell was not just cigarettes, but I minded my own business.  Everyone of them were overage and adults capableof making their own choices.

I gave him his present and he promptly had to put it on to show it off. 

He then toured me around the house some more, introducing me to more and more people, who accepted me at their party as if it was no big deal.  I even remember a certain comment from a certain young man, who may or may not have been intoxicated who mentioned I was pretty hot.

I was shown what beer pong is.  The rules were so confusing that I have no idea how they keep it all straight even when they are sober.  Certainly not a party game I am going to recommend,

I met kids that I hadn't seen his Little League days, some from high school, and some he is working with now.  Again, I have never met a bunch of kids that were kinder, friendlier and most of all extremely respectful of me and what my morals and values are.

I stayed about an hour, meeting and greeting, watching a game or two and then I decided I needed to be on my way.

'dawg and his friends had a good time.  Everyone was safe.  And he got one more big opportunity to be with his pals before his life begins to change dramatically.

Thanks again to the R's for hosting his shindig and for being so nice to my son.  And most of all thanks to all his friends, who were so cool to me.  Sure our lifestyles are vastly different, but there was certainly no judging on either side, just mutual respect for one another.  Their means of a good time, and my means of a good time are polar opposites, and neither of us would  recommend the eithers style, but in the end, I found I loved these kids.  Here's hoping that each and every one of them finds what they are looking for in life!

And early Happy Birthday Bulldog.  Love ya like a fat kid loves cake ya dirtbag!

PS - and before any feels the need to get all judgmental on me.  One day you may one a child who chooses a different path in life that you would have desired.  I believe that while my son knows I would have loved for him to choose differently, he also knows that I love him, and accept him no matter what.  That's what Mom's do.


Mrs. Organic said...

Aww. Good mama.

Scrappy Girl said...

You are such a great momma. At his age you no longer have to speak what you would like for him to do...he will always be with him.

Merri Ann said...

He invited you in to the party and introduced you around? Regardless of the differences, I think that speaks volumes about the great job you did as a parent.

Thanks for such a positive post (actually 3). I woke up (and went to sleep last night) with such a feeling of dread and an enormous amount of hatred and hostility (all directed at politicians).

These posts and the beautiful scene that greated me this morning outside my window (I'll have pics on my blog tomorrow) are making me feel like I may be able to get through this day ... now I just need to stay away from the news :))

Hope you have a great day ... thanks for the boost.

Cherie said...

Crap I just wrote a nice long comment and it got eaten!!

It basically said You Rock as mom! Kids do their own things and often do not take the path we choose for them. But you are right - a good mama loves, and accepts!
He is a handsome guy!! Happy Birthday!

PS you were stinkin brave to go to the party alone:)

Vanessa said...

Looks like a great weekend!

And he has an awesome mom to love him no matter what. Some kids don't have that!

Chief said...

No one would dare judge you for fear of a major asskicking...

and my mom didn't judge me or set me aside because of my lifestyle choices.. thaat is why I am the well-adjusted, successful, funny, friendly, spiritual, wonderful person I am today


Becca said...

I can't believe that you would even worry about people being judgmental for that. You were just out there being a good mom showing your son that no matter what your differences may be, you've got his back-and that's what a mom should do.
You could never make a relationship work if it was only focused on what was missing instead of what was good. You're a great example to all of us!

Stace said...

i knew i loved you for a reason! awesome, awesome, awesome!

tammy said...

You are the mom I can only hope to be.

Happy Birthday to Bulldog!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I have one of those kids, too. Also my oldest. I just hope that someday I can convey the fact that I also love him unconditionaly as well as you do.

Patricia said...

This is a beautiful post and I agree with everyone that you are a great mom. Anyway who cares what everyone else says.LOL


tiburon said...

I am so bummed I missed out on this. I bet we could have gotten into a lot of trouble together ;)

Mae Rae said...

okay, i am reading this post and I am thinking about my mom who raised 8 of us. All of which took a turn down a different path than what she had expected. some of us it was religion, some of us it was professional, and so of us it was drugs and alcohol. My mom loved us all the same and whom ever might be judgemental should be looking at the glass house they may be living in. Love you and aspire to be just like you.

Natalie said...

You are the cutest mom! Inside and out!!!! I love how you parent and I love your ideas...I keep them all in my head waiting for the chance to use them with my kids. And you are a very hot mama!

veronica said...

You are a good mom, a wise woman and a great example. Thanks for being so awesome!

Omgirl said...

Is Bulldog a new name for him? or am I just out of the loop?

I agree with you, your method of love him no matter what and let him make his own choices (now that he's an adult and out of your house, of course) is probably what will win his trust and respect most and maybe leave a path open for him to come home some day.