Saturday, March 6, 2010

And they were one.....

My nephew and his lovely bride were married Friday afternoon.  It was beautiful.  It was fun.  It was a great opportunity to be with family.
Mi familia

The flower girl was adorable

The couple were stunning

The groomsmen

The vows  were simple, yet profound.

The kiss was REALLY LONG

The cake was.....well cheesecake.  I need say no more other than I heard is was good.  For cheesecake  Is that possible?

My Splenda with the top of his head cut off.  WTC?

That's better,  but my eyes really are open.  I promise.

My boys are handsome

The car was trashed!  You know what they say about paybacks?  Don't even ask Splenda about our car. It took him YEARS of therapy to just be able to not twitch when mentioned. 

Congratulations mi sobrino and his lovely new wife!  See you on the beach since you ARE sharing your 'moon with us!!


Vanessa said...

Everyone looks very spiffy in their Sunday best!

And, I really don't think you will be seeing much of them on the beach.

Mae Rae said...

Your boys are certainly a handsome group of MEN! This looks like it was a great time.

Untypically Jia said...

Very spiffy indeed! I love all the red!

kado! said...

that sash on the bride is Bee-utiful!

and the boys are handsome too!

tammy said...

And just look how y'all match.

Omgirl said...

I had a really shocked moment there when I scrolled down the pictures before reading and thought it was your SON getting married! Whew, that would have been fast work, even for an RM.

tiburon said...

That looks like such a great wedding! And how cute are C and L all groomsmenny!?

Natalie said...

Oh no! We forgot the wedding!!! Looks like it was beautiful!!! And so glad we were spared the crazy car trashing 18 years ago because Alan knew what was coming and placed our car in a very very safe place. :)