Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekends make me happy - Part I

Need I say more?  Nope


Cherie said...

Holy Cow! I was out of blogland for a few days with a way too busy schedule and you post like there is no tomorrow! Ha Ha Lots to catch up on after your trip :D

So this picture is adorable. I saw Semper Fi below - Congrats that IS a hard decision!!!! Love the picture of you two together!

Have a Happy Sunday!

tammy said...

Could her smile be any bigger?

Patricia said...

Could that visor be any cuter and she just makes it.


tiburon said...

Uhhh I am gonna need that hat. Stat.

Mae Rae said...

if you put an orange shirt on her and a little facial hair...I just saw this picture! HOLY CROW