Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

It's Wednesday again, and I'm rambling.  Well, not that THAT'S different than any other day, I just get to excuse it on Wednesday's right?

I think my sinus infection is now under control.  Mega doses of antibiotics and some meds to help alleviate the symptoms and I feel like I am among the living again.  Sinus infections blow.

I really, REALLY hate spring in UT.  I can't take the mental and emotional roller coaster.  One minute, the sun is shining, you can get away with a light jacket and it feels like winter has gone.  Next minute - it's dumping snow all over.  Don't get me started on rain/no rain/rain/no rain.  I'm glad to be out of the little league world and not have to decide if we cancel a practice or game or not.  I need to just jump right to 80 degrees and constant sun.  Again, I realize I am living in the wrong place.

Daylight savings time?  meh - not so hard to adjust this year simply because it was the same as Mexico time so we basically just came home to it.  But I love mornings, and I like it dark at 6pm so I can go to bed.  I struggle with DST.  Oh well.

Going to San Diego next week.  Muy excited!!!  Just me and the Splenda.  Alone.  In Molly.  Love it!  Okay, sure we are meeting up with family, but still.  A road trip is just want I need right now.

My sweet dog was an emotional wreck when I came home Saturday.  Even though she was well cared for, and wasn't lonely, she cried  and cried when I came home.  I think it took her about 24 hours to get used to the idea that I wasn't going anywhere soon.  And her first snuggle under the covers with me, was the BEST!

While it was cool at the MEPS office yesterday wth Bulldog, I will admit that I cringed when I saw BO's picture.  I have to swallow hard and accept the fact that he is now my son's commander-in-chief.  I'm gonna process that for awhile.  Ideas?  And don't tell me to like BO.  That is not an option.  He's had his time to win me over, and he hasn't so if that's your advice.  Keep it to yourself.

Luka is still trying to find a job.  Seriously.  Things aren't good out there.  He's got a great lead right now.  Keep your fingers crossed.

My youngest is going to graduate high school in a few months.  Freaked out much?

I realize I am very tan, but I want nothing more than to jump into a tanning bed right now.  Just for the intense light and heat.

I am a sick, sick girl eh?


Mrs. Organic said...

I know, vitmain D is so addicting and there's nothing quite like that just-baked smell. Oo, maybe I shared too much.

Vanessa said...

So jealous on the SD trip. I love that place!

Plain Jame said...

Yes, you are very very very very very tan right now. Very.

Nothin wrong with getting emotional at the MEPS. I'll have to tell you about the time I took the oath of enlistment for the military last decade. It was epic.

kado! said...

you and your this is not me being jealous....

tammy said...

This post tells me you need to move to AA STAT.

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...