Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't cry for me Argentina

Okay, I am NOT going to Argentina, it's just the song that is stuck in my head right now, as we put together the final preparations of going to my blessed Eden. 

Cancun, Meh- heee-  koh

That's right, I'm off to warmth, sun,  and waves crashing on a pure white sandy beach.  The kind of sand that DOES NOT BURN YOUR FEET!

To a place of delicious pina colada's sin liquer, grande.  The smell of sunscreen in my nose 24/7, the sound of the language of my heart in my hears, and the sight of family and friends in my eyes.

I will sleep.  I will read.  I will visit ruins.  I will snorkel.  I will swim with dolphins.  I will dive in underground cenote's.  I will listen to Mexican saints bear their testimony's of Jesus Christ in Spanish.  I will eat a lot of chips and guacamole.  I will barter in the market    I will end up paying more than the crap is really worth anyway. I will fall asleep to the sound of the ocean's wave crashing, as the balcony door is cracked open a tich.  I will get up before sunrise, just so I can SEE the sun rise over the Yucatan.

I will enjoy being with my family and friends, but will miss Sissy and her Daddy.  I might karaoke.  If I get enough virgin pina colada's in me.  I will eat too much, spend too much and likely talk to much.  But that is how.I.roll.

(2 years ago - I am hideous.  I post for the motivation of pure public humiliation to NOT have any picture like this ever again)

I may or may not blog.   That will depend on borrowing a laptop, having extra time, and feeling like it.  We'll see.

I don't have posts scheduled.  I figure, no one really cares anyway, I am just NOT that entertaining.

For now, I am off to drink a Monster, shower, and finish packing.  I have a plan to catch!


about me said...

I hope you have a great time

Scrappy Girl said...

Have a fantastic time! Drink a virgin coloda for me...yum!

Vanessa said...

Have a FABULOUS time!

Mae Rae said...

I am praying for a safe trip and hopes of great pleasure for you. Please be careful and enjoy the trip to the fullest!

kado! said...

ahh...makes me wanna hop a plane and join you!

Have F-U-N!!!!!!

DeNae said...

We care, Melissa! And we'll miss you! But you have permission to neglect us for a few wonderful days. Sounds awesomer than the law should allow! Hasta la vista, amiga!

tammy said...

So excited for you.

But I will be crying for your return.

glittersmama said...

That sounds fabulous. I love the cenotes! They were the only thing that could calm the crazy jungle mosquito bites.

Omgirl said...

dude, the beaches in Cancun are AMAZING. You are going to have such a blast. Can't wait to see all your pics!

Cherie said...

Have a Fantastico time! (Yeah that is the extent of my spanish) lol

Have fun!

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

Oh, but we DO care.

Go, have fun, don't worry about us. Really. It's 28 degrees here right now - and this is the South, and it's March. But that's okay. Don't think about us while you're on the nice, warm beach. Really.

Sounds like fun and I do hope you enjoy!

Merri Ann said...

For my ideal vacation, I want a pool, NO SAND, and a nanny to take the kids whenever I say ... oh and the hubby of course :)) ...

Have a great time !!

Mrs. Organic said...

Have a great trip. Here's a vid link just for the occasion (skip to the 1:11 mark)

wendy said...

BRAT!! Kiss my snowdrift.

but, seriously, once I get over the jealousy, have a wonderful time.
Indulge! Give hubs lots of loving.

ENJOY the get away time.
we'll wait for ya