Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Wrandom Wramblings

I have only 3 more sleeps until I am headed on a plane for the Yucatan.  I have browned up nicely, I have worked my arse off at the gym, I have got 6 books ready to be packed and I am looking forward to relaxing, sleeping, reading, sipping virgin pina colada's for breakfast and oh, did I mention sleeping?  Yeah, I'm not excited or anything.

My oldest is going to be annoucing some exciting news soon.  I couldn't be more proud of him, but I want to wait until it's REALLY official before dedicating a whole blog post.  Stay tuned.  Did I mention I am super proud of him?

Today is the first day of Spring Training!!  Yippee!!  I realize I am one of the FEW women who get excited about this, but really, it just means that my pinstriped boys are back in action and a whole new season to see what unfolds.  I retired the mission Chilean flag.  It'll be displayed in a frame on the mantel and instead hung the NY Yankees flag.  I'm feeling good about this season.

Luka has introduced me to the fast cash of selling your plasma.  Did you realize that a girl my size can get 25$ a pop?  Yeah for about 45 min of just sitting there?  You can donate twice a week which, if you do the math, is an extra 200$ a month!  Um YEAH!!  No brainer.  And since I'm not afraid of needles like my cute friend Martie is, I think this could be some easy cash.  I'm going for my first time this afternoon.  You know, a little extra vacay money.

Tuffy does early moring seminary.  You are allowed 8 absences before it affects your grade.  If you have 9 or more, you have to do make-up work to receive your grade.  He was absent 9 times last semester.  His homework was to write a paper about a Family Home Evening night that he conducted.  My first reaction to his teacher when he told us was  "That means we actually have to HAVE Family Night?"  So we haven't in like 6, okay, 10 , okay 15 years - don't judge. 
Dude kicked butt!  Simple quick discussion with his drumstricks as an object lesson about tempation and repentance and then we just hung out talking.  We had a couple of extra kids so I figure we get extra blessings right?  Your welcome to G and M's fam's.

My dog is going to freak out that we are gonna all be gone for so long.  I have someone house sitting so I am not worried about her being taken care of, but she barely can handle it when I'M just gone for business a couple of days.  The whole family for a week? How do you say Oy Vay in canine-ese?

I got this from my fortune cookie yesterday
Okey doke!  Will do!

Did I mention only 3 more sleeps?


Vanessa said...

We gave plasma when Elton was in Pharmacy school. I did really well for a few months and then one day, they couldn't find my vein, and they dug and dug and I cried and I vowed never to do it again.

3 more sleeps!

CountessLaurie said...

I have never heard of donating plasma. Too bad the stay at home dad hates could be some extra cash for him :-)

Have a super duper time in the sun!!

Jewls said...

I tried to donate plasma in high school but my mom said, and I quote, "Only homeless people do that" and wouldn't let me go! I wonder if Lance would care?

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I hope you have a great vacation....take lots of pics! And my brother used to sell plasma....I cant cause Im full of medication. I have icky blood, lol

Terri Ferran said...

If you are in the early stages of mono, you can get EXTRA extra money. Just. sayin.

I am your friend. I am taking a trip. I will see you there.

Love, your sistah-from-anothah-mistah-with-the-fake-bake-in-a-bottle-orange-tinged-skin.

Suzie said...

You and I share the love for baseball. I too looked at some online field cameras to see the action today.
(although I am not a Yankees fan, I respect you!)

your trip sounds heavenly. Reading, books, friend.

Can't wait to hear about your son!

Patricia said...

I hope your trip is wonderful and we donate blood here all the time.


tammy said...

Plasma. Awesome. I want some extra money. Think they'll come to my house and collect it? Prolly not.

I'm excited for your trip. You deserve it.

I'm also excited to hear the big news! Patiently waiting....

Martha H. said...

Plasma. That's just plain gross! :)

I hope you have a super fun time on your vacation. I will miss you. It'll be too quiet at work and I'm afraid I won't know how to react.

about me said...

please tell how the doantion thing goes
I am scared of needles but have wanted to do it FOREVER

kado! said...

um...i didn't even know we had plasma...I thought it was an imaginary gooey stuff on Ghost Busters...maybe I should not have typed that...did that make me sound stupid? oh well...I'm all for honesty! ;)

Yeah for Yankees AND Yankee Wins!!!!!!

kado! said...

ps...I'm gonna miss you, but have FUN!

Sue said...

enjoy your trip..

I need me some away time...

tiburon said...

I should be with you right now. Just.saying.