Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day - Triple Threat

November 17: Palintologist

A person that follows/studies political dinosaurs.

Dude1: You'll remember Dan Quayle once said "I am not part of the problem. I am a Republican."

Dude2: Remember Dan Quayle quotes? Dude what do I look like a Palintologist?

**Is this any kind of reference to Sarah Palin by chance? Mmmmmm......**

November 18: darth breather

Adj. a person who breathes so loud, and sounds like Darth Vader while breathing, especially in quiet places.

Michael: Man! I couldn't complete my exam yesterday.
Jeffrey: Why? Was it that hard?
Michael: No, but there was a darth breather behind me.

**Could also be applied to people who make a LOT of noise when they are asleep. You know, THOSE people.**

November 19: expiration chug

when someone drinks milk very quickly on the day of the expiration date

Person a: what happened to that gallon of milk in the refrigerator?

Person b: Oh, I gave it an expiration chug, so it wouldn't go bad.

Person a: Good thinking!

**Prolly has happened at my house, however, I wouldn't know since I don't drink milk. But it's a dang good idea**

No go to. I have armed you with some hip, happening slang words. Implement them in your daily lives.

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MaeRae said...

I am definately using the darth breather one. My youngest son sounds like he is breathing through a mask when he sleeps. It's cute but creepy for 8.