Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

I feel very out of touch with the blogging world. Overwhelmed at work and exhausted at nighttime leaves very little time. I am afraid to open my reader. Very.afraid. But I still love all of my bloggy friends and the blogs that I secretly stalk, I just can't get to my reader. I feel kind left out of the circle. No cool kids table in the lunchroom for me right now.

I like to make sure that my ground beef (when I am cooking it), is chopped into tiny, tiny, tiny bits. I CAN.NOT stand big hunks of ground beef in anything. Gross.

Jordan is a little human. Don't judge. She likes spooning. At nighttime she will paw at me gently so I will lift the covers. She snuggles underneath and since I sleep on my side, she wriggles her little back right next to mine. If she gets too hot, she creeps up until just her head is out of the covers. Crap, I love that dog!

For some reason I can't open my eyes all the way today. They burn. I've been dumping tears in them but I think they are just tired.

GNO tonight. I hope I can stay awake. I'll never get asked out on a GNO date ever again if I don't. Keep your fingers crossed.

I've got some pretty political rants coming up. Stay tuned. I am certainly fired up about a few things.

I shave my legs every single day. People are surprised by this. I don't understand. Why wouldn't you?

In fact, I have a very set shower routine and do NOT vary from it ever. If I do, I am out of sorts for the whole rest of the day.

I think I might be a tich compulsive about a few things.

I am okay with that. I wish I were more compulsive about a lot of more things.

It's hard not lifting anything. I forget. My back feel pretty good so I forget that I should take it easy.

On the other hand, there are still weird things with my leg. I am seriously considering a Chinese acupuncturist. For reals. And I don't even believe in them.

I need to start getting Elder L's room ready. Anyone interested in a pretty nice beginner's drum set? It's going on KSL - THIS WEEKEND! If it kills me, I mean Splenda!

That reminds me, we owe Elder L TWO Christmas's with this third one all together. I guess that foils my plan of quitting my job. Crap.

I have a great pot of corn chowder on the stove for dinner tonight. It smells delish! Too bad I'm not having any of it. I'm having popcorn for dinner!! Yippee! That's the price you pay to go to the movies and have the great movie theater popcorn.

Man, I hope I can stay awake.......


tammy said...

I can't stand thick meat either.

And I always shave my legs. Can't stand not too.

Harley sleeps with Connor and when I went in there this morning they were spooing and Harley had his head stuck under the pillow. so cute.

I would probably do the acupuncture too. You've done everything else.

Can't wait to hear those political rants!!

Kristina P. said...

I definitely don't shave my legs everyday. Thank you, winter.

Cherie said...

Sounds like things might be a little overwhelming for you right now.
Lots to think about, but glad you are still getting those legs shaved :D

Enjoy the popcorn!

Erin said...

I have been completely out of blogging world lately.

Good luck getting two (or three) Christmases together for Elder L. Yikes.

Corn chowder - is the recipe good? Willing to share?

Scrappy Girl said...

I love all these random thoughts. I don't like lumpy meat either!

Terri Ferran said...

I'm thinking if you stopped shaving your legs every day, you could stop sleeping with the dog--you'd have your own built in fur.

wonder woman said...

I shave every other day.

And I don't feel out of touch with the blogging world, but all the people I started blogging with have stopped. I need new people, but now that I've had a community, it's hard finding new blogs/people I love. The fact that it's so much easier to lurk doesn't help, either. That's not exactly the best way to build a blogging relationship. I just want the benefits without putting in the effort.

Hope your popcorn was good! And good luck with Christmas! If your son's anything like Superman was when he got home, he just wanted cash and a car and not to be alone. ;o)

CountessLaurie said...

A bene of being blonde. I shave once a week in the summer ... maybe.

AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE movie theater popcorn. Snarf!!! Enjoy!

You can sit with me anytime. But I am at the nerdy table. That's why there are a lot of open seats.

wendy said...

I have found when I brown hamburger, if I use my pastry blender thingy, that it cuts up the hamburger nice and little --like taco bell.

also, I shave my legs every day too. and brush my teeth everyday --I am weird that way

WHY are you dumping tears into your eyes??????? (hugs)

Hope you stay awake during GNO --(whatever that is) gyno exam??

wish I could have a bowl of that corn chowder

Omgirl said...

Ew, I'll tell you what's even grosser than big chunks of ground beef--when the ground beef isn't mashed together prior to cooking and you can still see the squigly line shape in it from when it went through the ground beef machine. BARF!

Plain Jame said...

You just take all the time in the real world to have fun and stuff.
Relax. Watch your DVR stuff. Go eat cafe rio and gain 5 lbs. Have more fun. Eat caramel popcorn.

Love you.

tiburon said...

It was YUMMY popcorn (even with no butter on it...)

And you did a fine job of staying awake :)

Pedaling said...

looking forward to the rant!

MaeRae said...

I cannot even begin to imagine the girls not inviting you back!

I am sure that need be you could start your own lunch table.

We all understand you being tired and worn out and not coming around to visit on the got your hands full.