Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

My house smells like chili cheese dogs. Tuffy texted Splenda to ask what was for dinner (cause I really DON'T cook - for reals), and didn't like the answer so he made a HUGE plate of chili cheese dogs. NGL - they were a work of art. But they stink. And he ate them at my bedside. Combine that smell with the lingering chlorine in my nose and really, I think I might barf.

Notice how no one ever really says the word barf anymore? I hear vomit. I hear throw up. But we have lost the use of that all descriptive word - barf. I think I'm gonna start a campaign to bring it back. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf. Barf.

Am I the only one sick of the whole Twilight thing? GOSH! Enough already. Stupid vampires, ugly Edward, or whatever his name is. 3 different day time tv shows that were on in the background while I worked today talked about them. One show even took teenage girls and did a "Twilight" makeover on them. The girls were obsessed with the series and wanted desperately to look like a character. Really? REALLY? I know many of you love the whole thing, and that's okay, it's not a deal breaker (at least for me), but really, enough already. Barf!

I think my back is getting better! I'm hesitant to say much, I don't wanna jinx anything, but, yeah, I think I see a light. It's distant, but it's there! YIP.PEE!

I swam right out of my swim cap yesterday. Yup. There I am doing my laps, minding my own bidness, and as I'm cruising along I feel it loosen and slipping. By the time I got to the wall, it was just a little bunch of yellow stuff askew at the top of my head stuck there behind the strap of my goggles and my hair sticking out every which way. Seems that perhaps I had put a tich too much conditioner in my hair before putting the cap, which hadn't completely dried out, on. Makes for some slippery conditions. I live to amuse others. I'm pretty sure the lifeguards were snickering. Shame on them. That deserved loud laughing, pointing of fingers and openly mocking. I would have.

It's only 50 more days until Elder L comes home.

My SIL is doing a 6 week boot camp. I am green with envy but having fun living vicariously through her. I'm proud of her.

Thanksgiving is just few weeks away. Christmas is just a few more after that. I could care less. I am living for 1/1/10. Does that make me weird? (don't answer that)

I love my bed. Splenda needs a new one. How's that all gonna work out?

I'm craving Cafe Rio. I mean CRAVING. Like I prolly will break down and go get it for lunch this week, cause once I start thinking about something like that I can't let go of it until I actually eat it.

I suppose if we had that tonight instead of the dinner Splenda announced, it would piss off the Tuffster. That'd be funny since he ditched me for Wendy's yesterday.

I miss my previous life. My life where I woke up at 4:30, ate a light breakfast, was at the gym by 5:30, working out with all my friends. Cycling to the office. Coming home, going back to the gym for another workout. I miss washing loads of workout clothes.

Now my life is still waking up at 4:30am, but instead of eating, I read my scriptures. I'm still at the gym at 5:30, but instead of working out and having fun with my friends, I am in the pool swimming lonely laps. Sometimes I can chat with Debbie while I pool run, but its as we pass each other. It's not the same.

Going to the office is hard. Sitting at my desk for the majority of the day hurts. Little breaks help, but by the time I get home, I am dying. So now, I've been working in my bed and my little breaks consist of laying flat to ease the pain in my back.

Instead of cycling home and going back to the gym for more fun with my friends working out, lifting or doing yoga, I am laying down, watching TV and falling asleep.

Let me clarify, I'm not complaining. I've already done that and it got me nowhere, this isn't complaining. It's just identifying the differences in my life now and the one I had 3 months ago. I miss that life. I am adjusting to this new one. And am looking forward to the time, I get back my old life back. I look into the office and say hi to Patrick every now and again and I feel happy! It will come, I absolutely know it! And that makes me happy!

Did I mention I'm reading my scriptures? REG.U.LAR.LY! That's a good change. I think I need to keep that one when I morph back into my old life.

And now, I'm off to call the Splenda Daddy to pick up Cafe Rio on the way home. Woot to the Hoot! Sorry Tuff...... (not really - insert evil maniacal laugh)


Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to Cafe Rio in ages! That sounds delicious right now.

Pedaling said...

i 2nd that- let's bring barf back!

i, too, think edward is sooo ugly--
are we the only ones who noticed?

reading scriptures, rocks! what book? b.o.m.? my fave- where r u at? i love talking scriptures.

Heather said...

Oh, you are such a hoot! I had to re-read this paragraph a few times because it made me giggle each time:
"I suppose if we had that tonight instead of the dinner Splenda announced, it would piss off the Tuffster. That'd be funny since he ditched me for Wendy's yesterday." Seriously. So funny.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I dont know what Cafe Rio is....sorry. But Im glad you are getting some for dinner =D and I agree, we need to bring back Barf.

Im glad your back is feeling better. and I hope you get back to your old life soon.

Loralee and the gang... said...

-Popped over and perused your SIL's blog - it's her mom's too, right? Love it, love her/their writing style and she/they make me laugh. That's my criteria to follow, so following I am...
-And thank you - I do need to add 'read my scriptures regularly' to my list of positive ways to get thru my trials - and I am thankful my trials are no longer physical! And I am thankful that you are trying to stay positive, even if it's only as long as it takes to write your posts (I HOPE it's longer), that's a start. Life is 99% attidute, right? uh huh.

MaeRae said...

Yeah, bring on the barf. Living with three boys PUKE is the word of choice around here.

I hear you with the scriptures. I get an email every day with a daily inspiration. It changes your world for the better when He is the first email in your inbox.

keep on truckn girl!

Plain Jame said...

Yay - go you.

What the heck does NGL mean?

Terri Ferran said...

NGL = not gonna lie (em-cat usually does, so she has to clarify)

Loralee, thanks for checking out the SIL blog (that's me, my mom has been pushing up daisies for 25 years, so I'm not sharing my blog with her--at least not on purpose)

M - one of my favorite things to do is to wait till the complaining kids YOYO for dinner and then change my mind and have something delicious--Cafe Rio qualifies.

I'm glad your back is feeling better.

wonder woman said...

Cafe Rio sounds so good.

I prefer the word puke to barf. I have no idea why.

Getting up at 4:30 to work out seems horrible to me. I think it's awesome that you had that life and miss it so much. (Not to twist the knife farther. Sorry.) I hope you can live it again someday. (It is so late. I sound lame.)

I remember the days of counting down till the missionary came home. I don't think it makes you weird -- I think it makes you a momma.

tammy said...

I say barf all the time. Barf. See?

Now I am craving Cafe Rio. And I just ate.

Do you need some little nose plugs to keep that cholorine smell out of them?

It has been forever since I had a chili cheese dog. We used to eat them all the time. Which might help explain my previous weight.

I am excited for you to have your missionary home!

Martha H. said...

mmmmm I had Cafe Rio for dinner last night. Delicious!

NGL - I am a fan of the Twilight series, but I'm not obsessed. One of my friends is going to some Twilight experience at The District that she paid $40 for. I think that's insane. Me, on the other hand, is going to see the movie for free because my insurance agent rented out a theater. I'm not one to pass up a free flick.

Oh, and I enjoy the word Barf. I don't enjoy barfing, but I like to say the word barf.

wendy said...

You'd get up at 4:30 and go to the gym?? BARF BARF BARF BARF
I didn't even KNOW there was a 4:30

I miss Cafe Rio --there isn't one here. In fact, I haven't even seen a Mexican around here (not to sound ratial or anything) there are orientals and east indians here and cowboys

I need to send another son on a mission ---that seems to be the only time I read my scriptures. (but alas, none to send)

How about puke ---do people say puke anymore.

wendy said...
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wendy said...

Oh and p.s. my daughter (go see Emma on my sidebar and visit her blog)
she did the boot camp thing

barf barf barf puke

Omgirl said...

I love the word "barf!" I think we should all jump on the barf train and get that word going again. (Hmmm...the barf train doesn't sound that fun.)

Shawn said...

Twilight is soooooooooo over!! Course I couldn't stand it when it was new, so I am in the minority---and those two lead guys----ugh! Can they be ANY uglier? Sorry, I guess I don't go for those guys with huge eyebrows or wide, flat noses---they look like animals! Oh...well....I guess that is the point.

kado! said...

SICK, SICK, SICK of Twilight! I can't stand that one guy in it...he was in a HORRIBLE movie my kids made me watch called Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D...AGH it was torture he's back in this...AGH! Barf!

tiburon said...

I miss you too. :(