Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Missionary Update

Parentals Units,

Okay, well I guess that you guys need some answer and are probably looking foward to knowing what is going on with me. I am A LOT better than I was before. Last tuesday I went to the doctors to see what was all going on and I had the funniest doctors experience en chile as a missionary. I have been making a tape for you guys for navidad so I am going to be sending that off to you guys. I told the story there haha. Anyway...the doc said that I had Gastritis. I dont know if that is in spanish or english. But it is basically when someone eats something bad and it like hurts your stomach....something like that. Anyway, they made me go buy some stuff, some meds, and in about 4 more days I was better, and working. It was a loooong time just resting and not working. Good thing though, is that everything is back to normal and I am eating just fine. Only bad thing that is lost I am now on a get fat diet if you could believe that haha. I guess we will see how things go with that.
The pics where great!! Looks like some things are changed around cause I dont remember corbs old room like that at all! Kinda funny how they went to sadies with the call of duty t shirts haha. That is so tuffy. The weather is getting good here though, or I mean, warmer. Dad says that it is going to rain....and thats not good news haha. Ah, and the reason that I said because today we start the week of my last transfer in my mission.....That means that in 6 weeks...I am coming home. Fast huh? Anyways transfer are coming up and my comp is going to coyhaique and I am training a new zone leader. I forgot what his name is but he is fromthe same group as Elder Larsen. Should be really fun. Larsen told me that he is a really good guy though. My goal is to get 3baptisms inthis time period. It is going to be tough, but Posible!!!
I guess that I am going to start buying a lot more soveniers. I really havent bought that much, so I guess that it would be good toget some huh?? Also I wantedyour guyss help and opinion.. about coming back and getting right into studies?? or waiting and working for a little bit toget some cash then study? What do you guys think that I should do? Or isit too late to get inlisted or whatever? I am not sure how all that works, but I dont know what to do. What else can I say?? I amhappy, working hard and loving the mission!!! I love you guys so much and thanks for all you do for me! I amgoing to send you guys a pic and if your on and want to give an opnion that would be great! I cant reply back, but I would love tohear from you guys!

Elder Catmull

**Parental Units? Two years later, and he's still our funny kid! Much better email this week. Interesting that now at the end of his mission, he is getting gringo comps.**


Plain Jame said...

Good kid. Glad he's doing so much better - thats worrisome to have your kid in a third world country and so ill.
He's gotta train the new gringo's how to cope in said third world country...

tammy said...

I laughed at the "Parental Units" too.

Six Weeks!!!!!!!

I think it was about a year ago when I first started reading your blog. Wow, how time flies - at least it did for me.

Chief said...

Love it! and he is already looking ahead

Cherie said...

What a fun boy/Missionary!! YUck that he got sick in Chile - you never know about Dr. situations in other countries but glad he is living through it!

Love Parental Units - Ahhhh boys, they are so great!

Devri said...

Wow six weeks.. it will fly for him, and I will be slow for you!

dr. situations in different countries... scary..

Sue said...

Wow! you might as well say he's home! blink and it will be here.

So excited for him and your family to be reunited.

A mom needs her son, especially with all the ? you have been going through lately.

MaeRae said...

The time seems to fly by, six weeks is like the blink of an eye.

tiburon said...

I love that he is making a tape for navidad.

He is going to speak broken english when he comes home and I love that.