Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sadie Hawkins 2009

I've always wondered.....exactly WHAT is Sadie Hawkins? I suppose I could google bit, but I am too lazy to, and prolly just don't care enough to need to know.

Around here, it's a girls choice, casual dance. The kids had a ball. Scavenger hunt, homemade pizza's, the dance, and then watching a slide show of all the pictures from earlier in the night.

As I mentioned the dress is very casual, and usually the girls get matching shirts for their dates. Over the years I have seen some different trends go by, but this was the first year that screen tee's were the choice. Each couple had matching tee's with the same screen or logo on them. Some were cute like ernie and bert, or cookie monsters, but Tuffy's gal knows how to do it right.
Yes friends, that is a "Call of Duty" shirt. The latest craze right now in the video game world for mature teens. He has been rockin the game since he bought it last week and loves it. She did a very good job on the shirt choice!

Tuffy left the house at 12:30pm and walked in shortly after midnight. Other than a few minutes for me to take pictures, I didn't hear from them.



Kristina P. said...

They are both adorable. Cute theme.

Cherie said...

Whoo hoo she must really like him!! They look good and it sounds like they had a blast. I am always so amazed how these dance dates last so long. We never had that much fun when I was a teen.

tammy said...

"The latest craze right now in the video game world for mature teens" - and also less mature husbands.

I think I may need one of those shirts.

Pedaling said...

war monger-er! ;)

Vanessa said...

I love that you make them take pics w/Jesus right above their shoulder. Make good choices!

MaeRae said...

My 16 year old would kiss the ground this girl walked on. She is the bomb with all her good ideas.

kado! said...

i love that you always jump in their pics...i will totally be doing that in the future too! ;)

in WA we never called it Sadie was Grub Tolo...but same concept!

Plain Jame said...

Looks like this date was Jesus approved! hahahahaha.
Oh. I'm laughing at myself again.

tiburon said...

Tuffy knows how to do it right.

He learned that from me.