Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

November 21: PED XING

A wealthy Chinese philanthropist who paid large sums of money in order to have his name plastered everywhere, so that people would remember who he was.

"Look there's another Ped Xing sign"
"Oh that Ped Xing, how we'll remember him"

**I laughed outloud at this one.**


kado! said...

(i did have to read it twice..but now i get it...ha!)

Chief said...

Hows the reading coming? YOu love it huh?

MaeRae said...

OMW! That is hysterical. I had to forward it to my niece. I was just telling her a few weeks back about when we were late teen/early 20's her mom asked me what "zing" meant.

wendy said...

Like Kado, I had to read it twice to "get it"

I know how to speak Chinnese
I can say calf....Young Cow.

or that was sad wasn't it

wendy said...

I guess it should be YUNG COW

Anonymous said...

Dear Elder Lucas, Wow, this seem strange to write you via e-mail. Bust just hand to join in on the exciting news of Diego and his baptism!!! Thrilling beyond words. I am so happy for you! Will write more the regular way. Love ,Grandma C.