Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Part II

I know I said that we broke off from our different sides of the family for Thanksgiving and we still stick by that, however, this year Splenda's brother and kids were in town and the whole fam damily was there. We couldn't ignore the opportunity to visit, so after the movie we toddled off to yet another pig out feast!

At some point, I just handed my camera over to the boys and said take me some pictures. I deleted the gross ones, and here is what they came up with: KH with what appears to be a secret she may or not be sharing with the camera

Tuffy, when someone shouted "Paparazzi!" at him

Me and RC - One of the nephews from LV. Yes, that is Jordan on my lap. Yes, we did take her to the dinner. Yes, we were feeling bad for leaving her alone all day long. Yes, we are weird.

Scooter - being, well Scooter

EC, MC, BA, R and CC enjoying some visiting. MC and R are from Las Vegas. If you ever want to have the perfect divorce situation. They could teach you how. She is still as much a part of our family as anyone. Love that she came this year!! (I have no words for the photo above of just myself. I am obviously talking quite animted since my hands are involved. Wait. That's me all the time)

Splenda, SC, TC RC and DC - some more talk. I suspect some politics may or may not have been discussed. I wisely stayed away.

LL - being, well, LL

Scooter with Grandma Joy. She is getting ready to put her mission papers in. This will be the second one for her!

Me and Splenda being, well, Me and Splenda......those rolls! YUMMY!

KH, RH andMe. One last shot of some fam togetherness.

Love those Catmull's. Really. Some dang good times


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I love the pics....looks like you had a great family get together for Thanksgiving.

Pedaling said...

all of it sounds grand....from the golden corral to the funny faces, hand motions and family love even in spite of times!

tammy said...

I love big family get togethers. And we take our dog with us to Grammy's too. So see, not weird.

MaeRae said...

It seems like it was a great time. I somehow knew you were a hand talker and now I see you are.

Jewls said...

Oh I just love Thanksgiving! I love your big happy family!

Omgirl said...

I thinking giving the camera to the teenagers was a great idea. Love the funny snots! Uh, make that shots.

Cherie said...

Great idea handing off the camera - Some super fun pictures here!
I am just catching up and it looks like you had a great family gathering and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

CountessLaurie said...

Awww, what a great day!! These are some classic pics, that's for sure!

tiburon said...

Cannot tell you how glad I am that the video didn't make the blog.

kado! said...

I'm SO glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!