Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Part II

I am thankful that when my favorite 7 year old draws a special picture for me, she draws me standing OUTSIDE of the rain.

I look at this picture on my fridge and see myself in the middle of every day life. It is raining and gloomy on one side or it is sunny with beautiful flowers on the other.

Which way do I choose to look?

Thanks Ava for the beautiful picture. You had no idea how profound it would end up being did you?
Aunti M


CountessLaurie said...

love it!

tiburon said...

That's my girl! She is deep. And brilliant. Just like her mommy :)

Pedaling said...

wow, that is really profound for a little one. sweet girl.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love it! That is one that would be great in a frame. Great reminder!

MaeRae said...

How very sweet! And profound.

wendy said...

Wow, through the eyes of a child.
glass half full
stand in or outside the rain
very thought provoking and I can see why you keep it on the fridge.

ya know what is cool----I saw this in a persons house once. They took some of their favorite art work from their children and had them framed and matted and hung in the house. Looked awesome. Best art ever.

also, why do I look for the biggest dark clouds and park myself there , waiting for the rain and maybe a huge lightening strike to smack me
yup I do that

tammy said...

We all need a picture like this on our fridge.

Jo said...

I think she has a pretty profound mom. Neat picture and even better interpretation.

kado! said...

oh..that IS sweet!

Sue said...

could you copy that picture for all of us?

love the message

Erin said...

What a cute picture. I love that it has a special place on the fridge.