Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Missionary Update


I guess that you guys both would be wondering about how the baptizms went….well here are some pics!!! He is freaking amazing. He is 18 years old and just loves the church. He is thinking about going on a mission too so that would be great! He really is my great friend and brother. Just trying to think on how much really, this baptizm changed the sector and the members. Let me explain.
In this entire year there has only been 1 baptizm….apart of Diego (who I baptized). The members were totally discouraged. This sector is HARD but posible. At first when the members started to know Diego they were like well… he is good, but nothing like WOW hey someone really coming to chruch. Like it really didnt mean much to them. Well, he got dunked and now all of the members are just way excited for the missionary work. They are offering to help us out more and Diego will be giving us some references. There is more……Diego has brought encouragment to the liders of the ward which as a result has animated other kids to come back to chruch. This has giving the members more excitement to work……Well in a nut shell…..did we just change one life? Or a generation? I think that the answer is too obvious. The sucess of a missionary does NOT depened on his baptizms…… it depends on his dedication to the work and how hard he does it. Then if its the Lords will, he will provide you will the people to dunk. There is more good news. I told you guys that went I left Franke there were people that were going to get baptized. 3 to be exact. Well they all got baptized, as a result……3 more got baptized and some of them have callings in the church. I was not there to see that…but I was there to do what the Lord wanted me to do. See? Just some FYI stuff that has happened in the mish. Now if you really want to get tricky….as a lider you have to help other missionaries… Once you do this, they baptize and the same chain occurs…..sooooo….did we just help one missionary? Or a generation? The answer is obvious. Some people are reapers…others are sewers. I mean come on… Elder Alves da Costa ended with more than 25 baptisms hahahahahahahaha.

Okay on to some other stuff. About the job thing and starting school. What kinda job do you think that I could get that would help me with my schooling? Cause I mean i Know that for one time I wanted to be a translater and I think that would be awesome if I could. But from what I am aware of, you have to pass a test and that certifies you as a translater. THEN i could get a job like that. I am not sure what the test is, how to take it, nor how much it cost. Or what else could I do as a job? Just a thought. I would love to however use my spanish a lot in my job. Oh and speaking of the money situation, I have kinda just spent it on random stuff, like souveniers and stuff for the baptizm and food that I needed and a tie and socks and just stuff that I needed. I havent spent all of it, but I guess that I just took out more that was needed.

So is that my for real realease time??? Wow, that is crzy. I would like to have bish smith there and the current bish. Then just our familiy would be good. I guess that if anything changes I will let you know. Feelings?? I dont know what to feel really, I guess that it is hard to explain, Happy and Sad. Weird. Well I mean we will only me emailing eachother 5 or 6 more times and then I am home. That is wierd. So I guess there should be some good emails huh haha. Okay so this email is getting pretty long, I guess that is okay. Tomorrow is my last zone conferenece in my mission. I will be bearing my “last testimony” in front of the missionaries and I am nervous. I know i will cry. I love you guys, and thatnks for all of the support. Have a great week, see you guys soon!

Elder Catmull



tammy said...

I'm so happy for him! And for Diego. I love that he calls it "dunking". Like a donut.

Terri Ferran said...

He is amazing...just in case you didn't know!

CountessLaurie said...

I can really feel his love in the one! Well done, Momma!! You raised him right in the Lord!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Cool beyond words. Isn't it great to have a son about to come home from his mission? (!!!)

Natalie said...

Great missionary!!! Great example to his cousins!!!!!

wendy said...

You have to love those missionary photos. They are just so full of fun. and the grins on those faces!!! He will be home so soon now and I bet you can hardly stand it.