Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Missionary Update

(old pic again - but I love this one!)


How are you guys doing?? Good to hear from you this week!!! I am glad that everything back home is going great! Here in the mish things are going great. This week was really long and a very hard week, but very fruitful. I don’t know if I told you guys yet, but me and my comp got the number to a near by pizza place here that delivers, its called Telepizza. Anyway we basically have been ordering pizza almost everysingle night haha. We decided to set a goal and save all of the pizza boxes and stack them up until we get to the ceiling. We so far have 20 boxes of pizza saved, in just this transfer. I think that it is a great diet haha.
I was still thinking about the whole work after I get home thing…. I made like a little list of all of the good things that come from studying right when you get home, and the bad things of doing it. Then the good things of waiting to study and just working, then the bad things of it. Still kinda indecisive. My thoughts are leaning more towards working when I get home. But I wanted to know, when does the school start in January?? Like what date is it? Ah and to answer your question….about calling in Dec. I will be able to talk to you guys so there is no problem there. We already got the number and house picked out so there is no prob, and nothing to worry about.
Things are going great with my comp. We get along just great and it will be hard to got home and not have one haha. Deigo is way happy and wants to go on a mission!!! Can you guys believe that?? Wow I am so excited for him. Of course he will have to wait a year, but still that is sooo cool.
Just so you guys know, we are defiantly going to have to go to a Jazz game we I get back. I just think that would be freaking awesome. Anyway just something to think about. I am sorry that there are no fotos. My batteries are all dead and are charging as we speak. The next p day I will be sending some. Also I am going to buy another memory card to get as much video and pics before I come home!!! I love you guys so much and thanks for all that you guys do for me. I hope that you guys have a great week and that things work out for you!!!!

**Great email. I just noticed that he didn't even sign his name. I'm going with the theory that he was in a hurry. Only 32 more days left!**


MaeRae said...

you can take the boy but you cannot take the boyish behaviors...darn it! Saving pizza boxes is really funny. the indecision still about what do do...funny.

MaeRae said...

he he I said do do and meant to say to do.

Jewls said...

Yay! You'll have to have an extended Christmas so you can celebrate with him too!

wendy said...

Only 32 more days - you're not counting down or anything are ya??
It is such a whirwind when they get home (I had 3 return missionaries) as everyone wants a piece of there time. MAKE SURE YOU GET LOTS OF MOM TIME.

neat thanksgiving photos. with all of you being --well, just being all of you

Cherie said...

You must be SO excited!! Do you have your missionary advent calendar going?

tiburon said...


tammy said...

It'll be here in no time!!