Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pictures that make me happy right now.....

Kasey's ashes. We miss him. He was a good dog. But I love knowing he is still in our home.

Sissy finding a creative way to use her princess clings that she scored in one of her halloween goodie bags.

Jordan who is a good sport and lets me put ridiculous shirts on her.

Sissy LOVES her Woody and Buzz. She has to sleep with Woody and he is a recipient of many of her hugs and kisses. Lucky guy.

Buzz is never too far behind

Sissy loves her Uncle Tuffy and when the scary dinosaur makes an appearance, his steady arm is there for her to cling to.

It's Sadie Hawkins - and Tuffy got asked. They COVERED his car in Oreos and wrote a cute note all over the driveway asking him
He and Splenda had to go clean it so he could see to drive. Well done, MB - well done indeed girl!

Tuffy answered with a slew of tortillas flung all over her front line. On the sidewalk leading to the front porch he wrote in chalk "Mama Mia, the answer is on a tortilla" She needed to find the 'yes' written on the back of one of the tortillas. Good.Times.


Chief said...

These make me smile today too

MaeRae said...

the PRINCESS with the princess. She is adorable and I love the tortilla idea. Was that yours?

Loralee and the gang... said...

Love the cute date ideas. Have to pass them along to Chad when he gets back. And I don't know if I have ever seen a pic of Sissy fully dressed (?). That's so funny, because both of my youngest boys would never wear anything but a diaper/shorts when the weather was warm.

Vanessa said...

Cutest Buzz EVER!

Pedaling said...

lucky buzz!
and beautiful little girl.

always looking for good dance asking and answering ideas....
those are great!
what a cutie pie, son!

tammy said...

Clever girl, that Sissy.

kado! said...

cutest body-paint (clings) ever!

they are out of control with the dances...i ♥ it!

CountessLaurie said...

we do not have these dance traditions out here in the east. they look really fun (and messy).

Love the princess tat.