Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

There's so much rattling around my head I can hardly stand it. Even with my nigh-nigh-sleep-tight pill, I'm not sleeping. What's up with that?

I have a huge confession to make. Monday, I worked from the hospital rather than my office. I was conferenced in for staff meeting though. So, here I am on my cell phone listening and participating when necessary. It starts dragging on a bit. I have gulped down over half a gallon of water. You know what comes next. I try to hold it thinking we are gonna wrap up any time. Nope it just goes on and on. I can't hold it any longer. I work by way to the bathroom, and since I don't know how to mute on my cell, I cover the mouthpiece while I take care of business. Just as I am getting ready to flush, I am asked to go ahead and give my update for the week.
Me: "Huh? Me? Wha? Uhhhhh......."
Giggler: "You're echoing."
Me: (frantic) "Um, just come back to me, give me a sec"
I go back to covering the mouthpiece and finish up FAST, praying that they don't hear the flush! I don't think until now, anyone knew. Or they all knew that I was totally squatting during staff and they are all secretly laughing behind my back. Wait, they don't laugh behind my back. They OPENLY laugh at me.

For the record I don't talk on the cell phone while in the bathroom. Unless you are family or the Shark.

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong a billion other things have to start falling apart too? Broken microwave, leaking dishwasher, sick dog, and now Splenda's company. The economy is killing us all I tell ya!

The war is beginning to escalate between my son and the the YW with all the chalking and water ballooning and now perhaps some oreo'ing happening. I have taught him well. They started it, and I should have warned them that "you don't mess with the best, case the best don't mess." It's getting interesting. Good thing school starts next month : )

Speaking of school. Tuffy is my last one. He's a senior. WTC! Where does time go and what happened in the last 22 years? I feel it's all a big blur. I wish I would have started blogging back then. At least I would have documentation of both the good and the bad times. Oh wait, Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet *snicker snicker* If your kids are little, I know it's cliche but it's true, freaking enjoy every single stage. You NEVER get it back. And before you know it, it's gone. Like a fart in your hand........

I still have a marathon coming up in September. Ask me if I am training for it. Go ahead, ask. NOPE. After working through this last little injury going on, I haven't gotten a long run in. And a long run involves over 13 miles. Nope. I don't know what's going to happen. I might end up walking Top of Utah and finishing in 6.5 hours. But to be truthful, I am afraid to give my legs a long run. I am afraid of re-injurying (is that a word). There, I said it. I'm afraid.

It's almost August. I love August. August is prolly my favorite month. Guess I should update my sidebar calendar and start looking forward to all the fun we have planned.

It's 5:15am. I'm getting ready for a nice long bike ride. If I ride the temple route, can I count that as my temple attendance for the month?

Speaking of the temple. I think I have a couple of nieces that would like to strangle me. We are in the process of doing my Grandmother's work. It's in my court now. It has been for months. I am the hold up. I suck. I need to get that done THIS WEEK! I'm on it Sobrina, I'm on it.


Scrappy Girl said...

It is so hard to go to sleep with a bunch of stuff running in your head. Fortunately I am one of those annoying people who fall asleep 2 seconds after their head hits the pillow!

Martha H. said...

FYI - we totally figured out you were in the restroom on Monday. Jamie and I were busting up. It was hilarious!

Love ya!

Kristina P. said...

My brother will call me from the toilet, and I can always tell. It grosses me out!

tammy said...

My sister and I pee on the phone to each other all the time.

I know the time really does fly with your kids.

Splenda's company isn't doing good? That is not good. I hope things get better.

rychelle said...

phones should not be allowed in the bathroom. ever. ;)

tiburon said...

It is true - you do call me from the crapper.

But I likey.

Becca said...

Pee on the phone....ALL THE TIME!! But usually only with my sisters. And I think you are being smart about taking it easy running. You can always find another marathon, but another leg, kind of hard to come by! Hope it gets better soon!