Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

My physical self and my spiritual self are very closely connected. I find most of my spiritual experiences happen out on the road or on the bike or in the pool. When I am alone, in my head and with only my thoughts.

I've been stewing and stewing about 21 seconds for over 24 hours now. What could I have done different? Most races, I can look back and say, nothing. I couldn't have done anything different. I did the best I could and gave it my all.

I couldn't this time. My body hurt and I let it slow me down. I let outside influences determine my outcome. I let physical elements affect my pace, my stride and my attitude.

Life is full of pain. Pain of death, divorce, disappointment, financial crisis, wayward children, health name the pain, life has it. And we all experience the pain or even many pains at one time or another. Or even at the same freaking time!

Do we let those pains affect our life performance and perhaps ultimately our outcome? It took me until over the half way mark to have that "talk" in my head and change my pace. I cannot afford in this life to wait until over the halfway mark to decide that the pains of life aren't going to affect my performance. I have to decide that now.

When the knees hurt, and the hips ache, and the feet are screaming for relief, is exactly when I have to "take it up a notch" and let myself overcome those physical set backs. When I have to remind myself that really, my mind is stronger than my body and I can overtake the physical side.

When the pains of life hit us hard and we start slowing our pace, maybe doubting our abilities, or even questioning our faith, that is the time to remind ourselves that our spirits are stronger than those outside elements. That we cannot give into those hurts, because it might just ultimately affect our spiritual outcome.

Yesterday, I fell 21 seconds short of placing. Thank heavens it's just a race. In the grand scheme of things, I don't want to fall short of achieving my utmost desired goal. Of gaining all that I am promised of receiving as long as I keep pace, hang in there and don't give in to the pains of life.


tammy said...

Great thoughts, even though I still don't think you should beat yourself up over your race.

But you're right. We're taught to carry on, to endure to the end. We all have our own marathons to run in this life. How many of us give up along the way because it seems too hard? Or just do the bare minimum and think we can coast downhill the rest of the way?

Great lesson here.

Omgirl said...

Interesting idea, M. I think the idea applies to lots of things, both physical and emotional struggles in life. Personally, I'm the type who is super strong emotionally. where many people falter and let things get to them, bother them, bring them down, upset them, etc., I just don't. I just get up and move on. but physically, I'm not that strong of a person. When things hurt, usually I just stop. I'm just not that into physical goals. So I can relate to what you are saying...but only so much. I admire you for your stick-to-it-ness, cause I'm just not like that when it comes to my body!

Heather said...

Beautifully said.

Sue said...

My hub has chronic pain. has had it for 10 yrs. constant unforgiving pain everyday.

He's one of my heroes for continuing to do the very best he can.Thank heavens for me and my family, he hasn't given up.

great post.

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...


Becca said...

So much to say.
FIRST, I started reading this post and obviously had to back track a little bit and hit the previous one first. IT Band--been there done that and it hurts like HELL (Crap, did I just say hell on a spiritual Sunday post. Guess we know where I'm going...damn it!)I'm going to call you and have a chat about what I learned from it and how I dealt with it because it was at about this point when I was training for my first marathon and I almost didn't make it to the starting line. I so feel your pain and I'M SORRY. IT SUCKS!!!!!

SECOND-I WANT TO RUN THAT RACE!!! OR any race with you-but I need distance (stupid marathon training) so let's pick a Saturday and go for it!

THIRD--I get it--I totally get it, the pressure you put on yourself for the race and the beating up that occurs after not meeting your goals. (I still haven't forgiven myself from St. George last October) But with that said--WHO CARES!!!???!!! That 21 seconds obviously did more for you than the stupid 3rd place medal ever could have. Sometimes it's just about the journey and not the destination...and this day, this one race it was the journey for you, and your journey totally touched me, and who knows how many others that are reading this.

FOURTH-Holy Crap woman, you are amazing--no matter what place you take because you are strong inside and out and you know how to uplift and inspire others. Don't beat yourself up (at least not as much) because you have a whole group of women out there cheering for you! You're amazing, don't ever forget that!