Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going under the knife.....er.....laser

My boy's boy is sick. Kasey, Tuffy's beloved Freakshow of a Golden Retriever dog, has an owie.
We found this on him last week.It showed up just out of the blue. One day, just there.

Our great vet at
Jordan River Animal Hospital did a quick needle aspiration and informed us it was a Mast Cell Tumor. And that there was another small one starting near the big one.

We were advised to watch it for a few days, just in case it was merely an insect bite, but if it didn't rapidly improve, to get it removed ASAP.(one last good chewing session before the big day)

He went yesterday for his blood work, and this morning had surgery.
He breezed through that. Prolly the longest time the dog has ever been mellow and chillaxed. I almost wish I could have stayed through it all just to enjoy it. : )

The bad news: They found another one starting to grow when they were in removing them. That could indicate that it is indeed cancer and is spreading.

The good news: Doc was able to remove them easily, indicative that they haven't gone deep.

Jury is still officially out on a confirmed diagnosis of Mast Cell cancer. But the vet has used the term the entire time, so we're not expecting a miracle. That being said, we'll have the REAL word when the biopsy gets back from the pathologist. Should be by the end of this week.

In the meantime, our baby has an awesome battle wound, is still groggy, pretty quiet and overall a much more sedated Freakshow than we are used to. The dude gets pain meds for the next 5 days. So maybe this laid back version will be around for a little while at least.

And the even better news? He got his teeth cleaned while under so his "all the better to eat you with my dears" are sparkly white!

Poor guy - I don't think he feels like that was a cool deal at all.......


wendy said...

ah poor puppy. knarly battle wounds for sure. (don't take his meds ok)
take care my dear
I'lm off in the morning
but will be back ---THAT IS A THREAT.

tiburon said...

Awwww poor poochie :(

Martha H. said...

Poor Freakshow! He just looks so sad there in that last pic.

Pedaling said...

kasey looks more like a lab to me.
i hope it doesn't end up being too serious.
i am hoping when my dogs life comes to an end, i just find her dead. i don't want to do that whole putting to sleep ordeal....
but let's not think about that stuff.
i love dogs
even goldens who look like labs.

every dog should have and owner like you. (and me) :)

King of New York Hacks said...

Beautiful dog, been thinking about getting one but someone told me they shed a lot ?

veronica said...

Tell Freakshow not to worry. Chicks dig scars.

tammy said...

Aww....poor guy! Just look at that picture! Makes my heart break. He does look kind of like a lab. It's so hard to lose pets or see them get sick or old. They should live as long as we do. At least a lot of them should. I can't say that about all of them.

Gonna go hug my dogs now...

rychelle said...

poor baby! i will keep him in my prayers.

dubb and dawni said...

awwww best of luck with your baby!

Vanessa said...

I thought staples were bad! Poor doggy! I hope he gets well soon!

Omgirl said...

that makes me so sad!!! I hope he will be OK. What's the prognosis if it is cancer?

Becca said...

Here's hoping for the best!