Sunday, July 26, 2009

Have I mentioned my fear of the dentist?

I hate the dentist. I despise the dentist. I abhor the dentist. I....can't think of another really strong word to describe how I feel about the dentist. I feel about the dentist like the Shark feels about her eyeballs. It's that bad. Two years ago, I broke down and went to one. Got a cleaning, some xrays and was told that for not having been to a dentist in well, let's just say 10+ years, that my teeth were phenomenal. I chalk that up to good oral hygiene on my part. I'm no stranger to the floss. I prolly got some good genes in there too.

Now, the interesting part is that I was great with my kids and the dentist. They went every 6 months like clockwork. Two of them had orthodontia work, all in all, no biggie for them. Or at least I thought.

Picture this: Tuffy. First cavity ever. Needs to be filled. He's nervous not knowing what to expect. I walk back with him and they have clearly NOT made any kind of seating arrangement for a family member. I forget that this isn't the pediatric dentist anymore. No chair for Mommy, no hand holding for the patient.

The tech explains the dentist will be in any moment to get started. She mentions a Novocaine shot. Tuffy flips a quick slide glance at me. This is a boy who has nearly passed out from getting blood drawn. I ask, "Will he be getting any gas?" 'Cause you know what? I freaking need the gas JUST TO GET THEM CLEANED! Never mind drilling and ewwwwwww stuff like that. I figure, let's make the kid comfortable for crying out loud! Even if he doesn't need it? I need him to have it. Just for MY peace of mind.

She tells us sure, gets him hooked up and then very politely informs me that I can wait in the waiting room where it's more comfortable if I'd like. Yeah, I'd like. The very smell and sounds of that office is going to send me right.over.the.edge.

I head back out to the waiting area, and get involved in a nice Reader's Digest. Mere minutes later, they escort him out, and he is FLYING.
'zactly how much of that gas did they give him??

He couldn't feel his mouth, nor did he care. I teased him that he was drooling and he totally fell for it, wiping at his mouth.

YUP! While dentist = bad, bad, bad! Laughing gas = good, good, good!


tiburon said...

Ooooo Tuffy on laughing gas would be almost as funny as YOU on laughing gas.

Please oh please let me be the one to escort you to your next dental procedure...

Erin said...

I'm glad Tuffy survived the filling. Those pictures are great, by the way.

Is he going to have to get his wisdom teeth removed at some point? I've never laughed as hard as I did when they put the mask on my husband to put him to sleep. He was talking about all sorts of nonsensical things! (Like scuba diving. And food.)

Shawn said...

Hate dentists also----have had about 4 crowns come out, but don't want to get them taken care of---besides they cost a MINT to do----ugh!!

Yay for happy gas!

Pedaling said...

the dentist is not my favorite place either...and good genes you must have...lucky you- i can't imagine not going for over 10 years! wow!
laughing gas....i'm all for it. funny, silly, laughing gas.
glad you both made it through the procedure!

tammy said...

I don't like the dentist either and I worked for one for 10+ years. But one dentist I worked for thought we should know what it felt like to use the gas, so he let us each try it and then tried to get us to do funny things.

Laughing gas - the only way LDS people can feel drunk.

Devri said...

rofl- Tammy

glad he enjoyed the gas! I hate the dentist too, and I get mad when my kids do too! good mom Dev.

Fiauna said...

That's funny.

I hate the dentist too. Went more than ten years without so much as a cleaning. Scheduled the appointment fearing a lecture and root canal. Was told that my teeth are great and cavity free. Go figure.

Kado! said...

I love the dentist....I love the way you teeth feel so extremely clean....more than you can get from any devices at home....oh and Sean says I'm a masochist (definitely not to be confused with a sexual-masochist...not into that) that could have something to do with it...LOL!

Becca said...

How much would you hate me if I told you I love the dentist? But only our dentist and largely because he is so uber fantastic and bailed us out of some really sticky situations! Yep, I HEART the dentist, we go every six months--faithfully!

Teri said...

ROFL!! I see so many of you and Tuffy daily at work! You make my day! I will have to share this with my co-workers! hehe!
(Not sure if I will tell them we are I won't have to..they don't call me scary t for noting! :)