Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the name of educating others........

Here's to hoping this really long post with lots of really long links won't bore you..... BUT -

I recently did this post.

My blog feeds through facebook (please don't ask me how, I have no idea, my smartest techie guru BIL did it for me, xoxoxo BIL S).

I received some strong comments via FB regarding this post. It was basically a public calling out that I was lacking information and was linked over here for the real truth.

In addition to feeling stupid, I was left wondering if I really did miss some facts or was mislead.

When I am buying a cut of meat, I ask a butcher. If I am going to buy a car, I ask a mechanic. If I need plumbing done, I call a plumber. You get the idea. So, when I have a military question, I ask those in the military. Those whom have earned my trust.

So I linked my BFC to the above posted site and asked her opinion. And if there were additional insights I needed. She posted a comment on the persons blog, but it did not get approved, therefore, did not get shared.

I think it's only fair, that an educated response get it's public due......

I do not believe we have officially met yet so today is the day, thanks to my cousin, your sister in law, M.
Hope I make sense, since I am home sick but several things stuck me about this posted blog.
First, even though this is someone else's work and opinion, for myself I would have to amend to hell with war to War is Hell. We live next to Camp Lejeune, NC(Lejeune was another marine general). We see firsthand the wounded warriors, the families in stress and distress, and we live the life, by choice, the General speaks of.

You see, Some give none, some give some while others give all.

I speak as a wife of a retired Colonel of the Marines after 27 years of service and first hand experience in war, both large and small, in small countries that do not make the headlines and larger countries the media completely misrepresent to make a buck or to pursue their own darker agenda. (I would love to read a blog on that one!)

After retirement, my husband did some lucrative contract work and found exactly what the General talks of but also some very good people trying make a change. He left that and now he is now Regional Chief Instructor of the Marine Expeditionary Warfare School from the Marine Corps College of Continuing Education. I will pass this on to him for much professional comments than I. But before you discount our comments because we appear to be making money off what the General has put so disdainfully and honestly, realize we have seen and experienced much of what he says first hand. I would seriously suggest you do a little more research into this person whose script you use and know about him and his motives. He had the courage to stand for what he believed in, which I greatly respect. While much of what he says is true, some is not. Again, you need to understand him as a person and his agenda. Mark my words, he had an agenda. No matter his rank, he is first and foremost a human being like all of us, imperfect, and his views are colored by his experiences, just as each of us.

It is a unique person who desires to and qualifies to be a "Leatherneck" or "Jarhead". There is a lot of pride involved and that can be a problem as pride precedes the fall.
I see and know a lot I do not agree with around me and coming from the higher ups. Corruption is all around us. General Smedley Butler was not immune to it either.
He became a prominent political figure and advocated military isolationism. He gave numerous speeches at Communist Party meetings in the 1930's as well as for the League Against War and Fascism however in 1935 he broke ties with anti-fascist groups when they called for war to defend from fascism. I, myself, find that remarkable that one so dedicated to freedom would not support protection from fascism.

The forward of the book you blogged was written by Lowell Thomas who said "General Butler has been motivated by the same fiery integrity and loyal patriotism which has distinguished his service in countless Marine campaigns." We do have a street named after General Butler here at Camp Lejeune.

Somehow Semper Fidelis and some of what the General said/believed is out of balance. Fortunately for you, you live in a country who knows the importance of freedom and will fight to protect your freedom and his, to share and express thoughts, feelings and opinions without fear of death.

There have always been those who will seek to profit at another's expense so that is not surprising, sad, but not surprising. We know wonderful people who will give everything they have for this country, many who will not, and even more who will stand in judgment with no background or feet to stand on.

Lets try a parallel you may understand. I daresay you have found in the real estate business the same thing and people the General was disenchanted with. But does it stop you from being in real estate? We are very aware of what some people in banking and real estate have done, but does that make real estate WRONG and make EVERYONE involved wrong so we should say to hell with real estate and go back to squatting property?

"There is a time and a place for everything",
"Everything is as it should be" for the next step to happen and there will always be vultures. By all means, we should work to expose their ways and weed them out. That is very true today. I am sure the General is turning in his grave to see the sorry state of events and had he lived this long to see some of what he thought actually come to pass, he would have several followup books and words to right his own possible misunderstandings. :)

None of us are perfect, we learn as we go and it would sure be nice if we could trust other people and other countries so there was no need for war. When war is necessary to protect our freedom, it would be nice if people were honest and not looking to turn a profit at the expense or lives of others. Same holds true in real estate. :)

Looking forward to future blogs and it was a pleasure to "meet" you!


Names were changed to initials for privacy but other than that, this is a direct copy and paste of her response.

I do feel more educated. I do feel more enlightened. But more, I am humbled by the sacrifice of others for the right of free speech.

That leads me to my next post, the question of the day.......


tammy said...

Thanks for posting this.

I have a problem with people criticizng the war, when they have never served or had someone serve, nor do they know they whole entire story and what goes on behind the scenes. Especially since my BIL fought and died over there.

Omgirl said...

I didn't see this whole discussion from the facebook end. I am curious now what kind of responses you got that prompted this. I might have to pop over there and read.

Either way, though, I think it's always a good idea to separate the soldiers from the war. I think one can disagree with a war without disrespecting the soldiers who do their duty and fight at high cost to themselves.

I'm always grateful to the troops for what they do, even if I wish they weren't there.

Darrell Catmull said...

I am the one that challenged the article title " Why are we in Afghanistan? -- The Real Answer."

It was not my intention to make Melissa feel stupid. The title provoked me since I've spent countless hours to understand the justification of this WAR. Ultimately I came across a speech that a 2-time President of the United States of America and a 5-Star General gave in 1961. President/General Eisenhower warned us that forces inside government will exploit, lie and manipulate (my words). If Eisenhower isn't credible enough to question the motives and intentions of the brazen miscreants in government then nobody is. Watch his speech at http://mrbigbig.blogspot.com or http://www.youtube.com

Teri said...

I highly recommend this documentary http://www.hulu.com/watch/63238/afghanistan-revealed if you truly want to understand from the Afghans and terrorists themselves, not 2 Americans who may have unique titles.
The BIGGEST problem our country has had and continues to have is that we are not raised as or think as terrorists. It is foreign to us civilians and even the military has had to keep redoing their training as they learn more. I can vouch for that personally.
Anytime you try to understand something outside your realm, you search out as much as possible ON BOTH SIDES to try to come to an understanding. As well as the background of the high ranking people who you choose to believe. Especially when you choose 2 time President and 5 star General. Unless you are employed in politics or the military, you TRULY do not understand how political it is and the agendas involved! We have lived it for 27 years and seen enough to leave me speechless (and that is hard to do :)

Teri said...

Don't let titles fool you. Each person is human and can make mistakes no matter their title. Do YOUR own research and come to YOUR own conclusion, God gave you a brain for a reason. :) Too many people use one or two resources and that is the the problem with our media too. Just my personal experience :)

Teri said...

I have very strong feelings about why we should not be in Afghan but I can see the rational. Because of our background and my own personal beliefs, I am torn. If we are in it, it should not be halfway or for political window dressing.

Teri said...

oh and for the record I gave the response to the person's website but was not approved so it was not posted.
Yes, I have taken an informal poll here on the "right" coast ;)and with military & civilians alike and received a most resounding YES! Moderated speech is a MILD form a censorship. Censorship is all around us from schools, libraries, public forums, newspapers and on and on. Heck, one of my daughter's friends got kicked out of high school for having a conferate flag bumper sticker on her car. You may think silly, but here in the south, many people still equate that to slavery.
MY ISSUE is newspapers and other forums tell you UP FRONT you may be moderated or edited. I take issue with individuals who choose (and yes it is their right) to have a public blog that allows you to post on it however you are not informed until AFTER you have submitted your comment, it is subject to approval. I have no problem wanting to keep a forum clean and up hold a standard. If you choose to moderate/censor and cannot be forthright enough to give notice before someone submits a post, then you have confiscated someone's "intellectual property". Transparency comes to mind... or lack there of...