Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

(old picture)


Hey how are you guys doing!! This week went a long great. There was a lot of work to do. I actually don’t have a lot of time at all to write you guys. As Zone Leader, the p days aren’t very long….
I was really happy to get your guys letter and to see the pictures that you guys sent. I am loving my sector, its called El Laurel and my companions name is Elder Cuadra from Concepzion, Chile. I have been doing some paperwork here for a while and I am kinda sick of being here at the comp. To be honest, there is a lot more work to do that is for sure. Tomorrow I am going to a sector called Paillaco to do interchanges with some of the missionaries there to help them out.
Thank you guys so much for the love and support that you guys give to me. I am sure next week I will have a little bit more time and doing the paper work will go by a little bit fast. I love you guys and miss you guys!!!

Elder Catmull

**Okay, this is the shortest email we have ever gotten from him, he must be busy and he didn't answer any of our questions!! : ) 'Sokay......he's busy in a great way!


Loralee and the gang... said...

Yeah, the Zone leaders have a lot more responsibilities, so it cuts into p-day responsibilities, like writing mom and dad a good long letter! I'm sure he'll soon learn to budget his time better ;)

tammy said...

What a cool picture.

At least you know he hasn't blown anything up.

Jan said...

That email is still longer than any I got from my missionary. Oh how lucky you are.

Great picture.

Sue said...

I do luv that picture.

at least you got an email..

he is very busy doing good things.

Kado! said...

...even though that is an old pic....WOW...what a cool pic!

Katherine said...

Hola !

al fin lo encontre !

como no podia escribirle tuve que hacerme un blog como este !
lamentablemente el regalo que me dejo no lo he recibido :(
de hecho lo mas probable es que el otro elder selo deje
bueno espero que le guste ellugar donde esta ahora...... por supuesto que no va ser mejor que osorno !
este es mi correo :