Saturday, July 11, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

Brought to you today by the uber cool, crazy lady Jan.....


1. When wanting to call someone something else, but instead utters, half whole.
2. A huge jerk of a person who is also only "half there."

That guy was a total half whole Ed.

**We all run into these on a daily basis, we now have a term that doesn't involve a biblical mode of transportation. And Jan, you are GENIUS!**


Jan said...

Oh my gosh you actually used this word. It was funny how it just popped out the other day. I can't say the real word, but this substitute works for me. lol....

Love the biblical mode of transportion. Hilarious.

Motherboard said...

I'm missing something... clearly. :->

It was great to finally meet the infamous Melissa! You are a HOOT!

tammy said...


And I love Jan. So the two of you together is fabulous.

Sarah said...

Thats funny! I am going to have to start using that one! Good meeting you by the way.