Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Days of 47 Float preview

Our stake was called upon, or invited shall we say?, to enter a float in this year's Day's of 47 parade.
Several friends of ours throughout the stake were called to be a part of this project including some of our own ward members and some previous ward members.

With no plans tonight and the Tuffster at work, Sugar Daddy and I headed to the South Towne Expo to view the floats and vote for our favorite.

Our stake's was entered in our own WJ parade but I couldn't get close enough to get any good pictures. Tonight was different, not only could we get right up to it and touch some of the incredible work, but some key players in the design and production were there. They are former ward members, in fact a former bishop and it was great to talk to them, get their feelings about their project and their inspiration behind it.

The theme for the parade this year is "Catch the Vision" and each float reflected some sort of take on that. As we wandered the expo looking each of them over, I was in awe of the workmanship that goes into these kinds of things. AMAZING! Really!

There were some bright, beautiful, fun and whimsical floats all done with great care and detail. But when we got to ours, I felt a catch in my throat.

The title was Visions of Liberty. At the very front of the float is a soldier pulling a handcartwell, knowing how I feel about our military, it was what first caught my eye. I wondered the symbolism behind a soldier pulling a handcart. What does that mean to me? What does it mean to you? Very thought provoking.

On the right side of the float was a pioneer wedding couple and towards the back, was a depiction of our founding fathers with our current leadership.I loved how they had a founding father with his feather and quill pen on a paper document and across the table was a man on a laptop. It was like a convergence of the two generations. I found that very profound, and desperately wanting it to be more like that in real life. That our current administration, could and would be sitting at the same table with our country's original founders, discussing policy and staying "on the same page" together. That too was thought provoking for me. I also liked the young girl kneeling at her bedside praying. We can't get through this life without it. I love that depiction.

On the left side, where the main label is, you see a HUGE Captain Moroni with a GIGANTIC steel sword kneeling. Words can't even begin to describe what that sight stirred in my. The feelings of pride, loyalty and a desire to be more valiant myself.
pictured standing by the float are some former ward members (previous bishop) and lucky for us, we can call them friends. They, with their committee of several, spent hours and HOURS on this.

I was inspired by the theme, by the thought and inspiration that went into this project. I am grateful for their many hours of sacrifice and hard work to produce something so wonderful. Don't get me wrong, every single float there, was amazing in its craftsmanship, creativity and detail. But for me, this particular float was more than just something fun, glittery, and beautiful to look at.

It was a timely message. Visions of Liberty. Now, when things in our country are tenuous, this was a much needed reminder and inspiration.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - West Jordan Stake float committee. You are awesome, every last one of you, and I am so grateful for your hard work and proud of the representation you created for us!

Of course, we knew how we were marking out ballots, so after the picture taking, the chatting it up with our friends, we headed out to talk over the meaning of the different depictions on the float and then to top things of with some Olive Garden.

Pretty good fun for a Tuesday night eh?


Jillybean said...

We really wanted to attend the float preview, but our schedule today didn't allow us to go there. I wish I could have seen your stake's float up close, it looks amazing!
12 years ago, our stake was given the assignment to make a float for the Days of 47 parade. I was somehow chosen to design the float and was involved with the project from the very start through the day of the parade. It was a great experience!

Martha H. said...

That is a wicked cool float.

tammy said...

That gave me chills. What a great theme and what a great job they did tying all that together. Living in AZ now I forget what a big celebration UT has on the 24th. We just go camping as a ward.

Pedaling said...

nice job.
i love all the details and the theme...thanks for highlighting this for all of us.
it is beautiful.
hope it wins!

Becca said...

I took my kids to the float preview with my mom and SIL and her kids. This was one that stood out and sparked a lot of discussion with us too. The concept was one of the best ones there. It was definitely more thought provoking than most with a lot of meaning behind what was on the float. But I am curious curious as to why the people had no faces--do you know?

M-Cat said...

I don't know why the no faces, but my own personal interpretation is that we can ALL be one of these inspiring characters that can merge generations and be instruments of liberty. Just my take.....