Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

So many thoughts wrambling around in that space between my ears. I used to have a brain, and then I turned 40 and ever since then, the cells, just keep dying off. Each year it speeds up. I fear what I will be like when I am 50. And beyond that? Let's just hope I still can wipe my own bootay.

Why is being a parent so hard? Why can you have kids born in the same home, taught the same things, had the same parents, and yet still turn out so differently? I know, I know, they are their own persons, they come as themselves. I get all that, but why does it have to be so hard sometimes? I don't like hard. I'm tired of hard.

Googling is an amazing thing. You can completely self-diagnose a problem. Confirm it with others who have had the same thing and then start treatment all without having to go to the doctor! Now, before I start getting more judgemental comments, I'm only talking non-life threatening issues people.

Speaking of judgmental comments. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I consider it poor form to call someone out on their blog in the comments section. You don't like their opinion? Don't read. I find it interesting that I was judged in a comment calling me to repent of judging. Huh? Yeah, I am going to judge. On basic things like, should my kid be exposed to something, should I attend a particular movie, should I support a certain artist, should I chance the yellow light or scream through it? We all make judgements, all day long.

I am technically challenged. Like right now (I'm writing this late Tuesday, scheduled to post Wednesday), and I am stuck on the cartoon channel simply because I don't know how to change it. The remote I am holding has so many buttons, I think I could accidentally blow up Colorado. I should be more frustrated, but really, I just don't care.

My IT band issue, is getting better. Cute friend loaned me her foam roller, and I'm working it like a 12 year old in a sweatshop! Racing Saturday, will need my legs in decent form.

I want my camera back. The company sends me daily emails to let me know where it's at in the process, but I just want it back. NOW. And fixed. I feel like my right arm is broken without it.

I am missing WBR already. Weird huh? It was such an amazing experience that I want that high again. I've had so many people mention that they would like to do it next year, that I might have to put together my own team. That would be fun, but am I up to it?

And now, my little winky shades are tired and closing down.... enough wrandom wrambling for now.


Kristina P. said...

Well, I have to judge you, as part of my resolution, but I judge you to be awesome!

Pedaling said...

the parenting question, i too ask my self...

there are different kinds of judging
yes, one must be careful...i liked what you said regarding this issue.

with so many races and rides every Saturday, i am beginning to feel we are NEVER going to get together for our own fun casual ride.

that camera problem is a biggie.

Heather said...

Someone called you out on judging? I really can't figure that one out. I've never gotten that vibe from you, and I think that's lame. The whole point of a blog is to express your own points of view and opinions, so naturally there'll be a little judging involved, but it's not like you're needlessly insulting people. I like your response and that you're just letting it roll of your back.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I hear ya about the brains cells . . . only with me, it was with every birth, I became stupidier. You'd have thought I would have stopped (having kids)when I noticed that fact, but I was too stupid to put two and two together and figure it out until I had 7! :~D
And I so understand about the parenting thing... and the tough ones don't understand that they are given fewer freedoms BECAUSE they haven't been trustworthy, not the other way around. Oh well. Doing the best I can but messing up plenty as I stumble along...
Oh, and what's the IT band issue? What is an IT band? (see, those cells got pulled right out of my brain along with the placent!)

Kado! said...

PLEASE...when you figure out the Parenting dilemma on how the kids in the same family can be so different...PLEASE let me know!!!! I cried my way thru the laundry today because I can't figure it out!!!

Can you google diagnose me please...cause I'm all f'd up.

Who Judged you....Want me to kick some BOOTAY?? Cause you know I will for you....and then I'll let my kids drink caffeinated soda, rent some Porn, do the Moon-walk AND run screaming thru a Bright Yellow light....Seriously, because someone judging YOU....makes me THAT.MAD!

LaurieJ said...

I have seen a lot of wenchy comments lately. She/he just needs to eat a cookie.

And I'm with Kristina- I would give you the blue ribbon!

LaurieJ said...

Ok- now I feel judgemental and wenchy for making a comment about that person. It's just a vicious cycle :-)

SO said...

I would like to know the answer to the question regarding children growing up in the same house and being taught the same things but choosing different paths. Hard doesn't begin to cover it. Wish I had some answers for you but I don't.

I'm going to agree with Kristina. I judge you but I judge you to be awesome.

And I hope your IT band issues continue to improve.

Jan said...

Well, I judge you to be A okay girl.

The brain thing is super fun huh. You will still be able to wipe at 50. Promise.

The kids. I look at it this way. Heavenly Father had his share of different spirits. He understands exactly how you feel. Exactly.

tammy said...

I self-diagnose with Google all the time. Although I hear that Bing-ing may be better than googling now. Haven't confirmed that.

I have no idea on the kid thing. None.whatsoever.

Please don't blow up Colorado. D.C. maybe...

Mel-Rox said...

The kid thing, my brother and I couldn't be any more different.

I just had a conversation with my Mom the other day about judging. Needless to say, she was not happy with my take on the event and ended up in a sense judging me. Some people...

About your ITB. Those are three evil letters (or words) to me. Just the other day in Physical Therapy, my PT did the cane test, my left still hurts. PAIN.