Monday, July 13, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

Elder L would be the white one : )

Subject: Fuego!!!

Hey guys hows it going?? Thanks for the email that you guys sent me and the pics. I am going to send you guys some pics that I have been taking down here in Osorno. I think to save some time writing, and some finger energy, I am going to give an update of what happened this week in the Facebook update, okay? Oh and also really good news. I GOT A LETTER FROM CHRIS! The kid is doing really good in his mission. He told me that the work is a little difficult where he is at, but that he is doing good. He explained to me that when I end my mission, I will be home for about 1 year before he gets home. WOW. That is a long time huh?

Facebook update:
Well this week went a long great!! Really fast, lots of work, but it was great. Only a couple little things….that didn’t go so well… Here in Chile, there are different types of wasys to heat up the house. You can use a gas powered heater (you gotta buy the gas), you can use the wood stove (you gotta buy and chop the wood), or there is an electric heater. In our house we have a gas powered heater and it heats up the house pretty good. The problem is… the other day, we were running out of gas, and we tried to get the MOST out of the cylinder. So we laid the cylinder on its side to get the rest out, but that was a bad thing. The out side of the heater caught on fire and started to spit out gas hahaha. My comp backed off and didn’t want to turn it off because of the fire. I had to run and take off the gas before it caught anything else on fire, after I had to put it out. Now it doesn’t work After that all happened, we don’t have anything else that can heat up the house now. We even tried using a blow dryer….and nothing. So we just are covered in blankets almost the entire time haha. Apart of all of this, the week went great. We should have a baptism coming up in a couple of weeks!!! Her name is Marcela and she really has changed her life around!! Happy 4th of July to you all……7 days ago!!!! Also, this next Wednesday there are transfers. I am pretty sure that my comp is going and I will be here another 6 weeks at least. Well, that is what I am thinking, but nothing is for sure. I will let you guys know how it goes next week!!

I am glad mom and dad, that you guys had fun this 4th of July. I really couldn’t do anything but think to myself about the fireworks and stuff. Oh well, it should be there next year. The good thing is that I am keeping warm and dry…sort of. Well, the best that I can.
Hmmm…thinking of what I could need or use in the next package…for sure beef jerky. I really cant think of anything else that I need. Whatever you want to put in there! Thanks so much you guys!! Oh and speaking of bad economy, there are tons of people that are looking for work here in Osorno. I guess this thing affected the entire world huh?? I love you guys so much and miss ya. Hope ya have a good week!!
p.s. could you guys send the pics to Chris? Thanks!!

Elder Catmull

**ummmm.....I am a little in shock at the fire and the fact that they didn't blow themselves up. Please, this kid has less than 6 months left, can we get him him unscathed? Now I not only will worry about explosions but him keeping warm. My boy is cold! Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Good thing the church is true. Otherwise, I'd be on the first plane to Chile.**


Loralee and the gang... said...

At least your son TELLs you about stuff like that! Chad just talks about the work, which is good, but from the few times he's told me any other stories, I know full well that he's having the same sort of experiences, and not sharing! So I have to assume the worst! But I'm like yu, I have fiath that he will be taken care of, everything will be OK.

tammy said...

Okay, the fire thing is scary! A gas heater doesn't sound so great. But neither does freezing.

Tanja said...

Six more months, only six more months! Hang in there, he'll be home soon.

Shawn said...

Oh----it must be so cool to have a missionary---I still keep praying that my youngest goes on a mission----only nine more years to wait! :)

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

December will be here before you know it!

PS: TAMN (Tiffany Amber Megan Nicole) writes
You should check it out, I think you'd like her. :p