Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

Loralee started me off today with this that I watched this morning.
I loved it and it set a great tone for me first thing today. Will be cutting and pasting and sending to Elder L tonight.

Then while at church, after Sissy and I came screeching in sideways during the opening hymn, I had time to sit quietly while she got distracted with her cereal and books. I used to make my boys wait until after the sacrament before anything came out of their church bags. Now with her, I find I am much more lenient. I guess I am just glad I get to take her to church. But I digress.....

So it's the sacrament hymn. In my church, the sacrament is the number one reason you even come to church on Sunday and is one of our most sacred ordinances. One of Tuffy's BFF's was just called to be First Assistant to the Priests Quorum and for his first week in, he called himself, Tuffy and their other BFF B, to bless the sacrament. I love looking up there and seeing those boys.

When the hymn begins, the priests at the sacrament table, prepare the bread for the congregation by reverently breaking slices into small pieces that can be taken from a tray passed to the members. However, this morning, I noticed two of the boys walk away and go into a back room on the stand. One stayed at the table. Once one of them returned, the remaining slipped into the back room and then one at a time the other two came back to the table, then they lifted the pure white linen cloth and began their sacred duty.

Sugar Daddy, being the YM pres, I asked him, "Wasn't there any bread? Did they go in the back and get bread? Is there bread back there?" I am picture me racing home for a loaf of bread! Do I even have any thawed? Do I even have any at all? Who was supposed to bring the bread? How could this happen? Sugar Daddy whispers assuring me there was bread and not to worry. And obviously by this time, the boys were clearly preparing bread. I sit back, relaxing a bit more.

I continued watching the boys when Sugar Daddy leaned over again and whispered, "There was no hand sanitizer"

That is when my tears started. Without any prompting or reminder, those young men, when they realized they had no hand sanitizer, quietly and reverently slipped into the back room to wash their hands. Showing proper respect for not leaving the sacrament table left unattended. They knew that not only was it important for them to spiritually be clean to perform this ordinance but they physically needed to be clean as well.

What would make them think of this? This is not a normal thinking pattern for a teenage boy. A normal teenage boy would look down at his hands and say, "Yeah my hands are clean, I just showered." Not these amazing young men. That wasn't good enough. They were going to be CLEAN.

I thought about that example for the rest of the sacrament ordinance. How am I at being "clean". Not just surface clean, but CLEAN? Physically and spiritually?
I let my meanderings do some inventory and create a list of housekeeping to work on for the next week.

Before I knew it, the young men were being dismissed to sit with their families and Sissy was starting a Stage 10 meltdown. At least for about 20 minutes, I felt the Spirit today......


tammy said...

Now you brought tears to my eyes. Glad you shared this.

Motherboard said...

What a great example that all of us should follow!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I'm glad that I felt moved to post that video this morning, in the midst of chaos that is our Sunday morning. It must have been just for you!
Love you