Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

I'm growing a whole bushel here

I hate it when I get the wrong meat.

I don't touch your knobs, you don't touch mine.

A day when we don't talk about hair is a good day for me.

Um, no....she didn't choose Hallejuh from the Messiah. Remember? She's.a.Wiccan.

This is what happens when you get sober and cleaned up.

I can make my own at home with a roll of duct tape and a stick.

Don't look at me with that tone of voice.

Bishop, please release me, I've fallen behind on my blog.

What do Stevie Wonder and J's mom have in common? The would both give the same hair cut.

For Chipmunks, they were pretty hot.

Me whispering "I can't sleep"
Splenda not whispering back "Well I can, so zip it yappy"

Splenda whispering "Man your legs are hairy."
Me not whispering back "That's Jordan beneath the covers, you dork."


tammy said...

These were some of the best ever. I especially like the comment to the bishop. I once asked mine if lying about my age was going to be a deal breaker on getting my temple recommend.

kado! said...

ha! love 'em!

...can I touch your knobs?...you can definetly touch mine! ;)

tiburon said...

I love that Splenda uses the word Yappy.