Friday, December 11, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

December 11: Canadian Refrigerator

A bank or pile of snow during the colder months of winter, where food or beverage products (namely soda) can be stored. Great for parties.

"Are we out of Diet Coke?"
"There's plenty in the Canadian refrigerator."

**C'mon, who hasn't done this?"


wonder woman said...

And right now, it's cold enough that you could leave stuff there for days. That snow ain't going ANYWHERE.

Pedaling said...

not just for drinks but for other things, as well, when preparing for christmas eve dinner.

MaeRae said...

ha! My back porch is my canadian refrigerator. Now I can freak out the kids by telling them to get something off the canadian refrigerator...Butter will be at a loss.

kado! said...

got some beer in ours right now!