Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Missionary Update


Well another week has gone by and just a couple to do. This week went great and really fast. We saw some great miracles and we are working really hard here. Its difficult that I will be seeing another baptism before I end my mission, but that’s okay, at least I will be leaving some for the next two missionaries that come here.
Thanks for the letters that you guys sent me. I know that the time is going by really fast, and the time is coming when I will be home again. I am very happy and sad at the same time, I guess if you guys could imagine those two feelings at the same time. Should go by really fast this week. We got interviews, and activity and a conference of all of the leaders in the mission. I love the idea that you guys have about giving some of the money to a needed family cause really there are some families that do need it, but it actually is against the rules to give out money, just as a missionary. It was a good idea though.
As far as the pizza tower goes, we are doing alright, we just don’t have anymore money to spend on pizza, it really Is expensive here. What was cool was last Monday we went the coast of a river called Rio Calle Calle. There they have what is called Lobo Marinos which are like sea liones. They also have a fish market which is really cool! We watched some guys gut fish and prepare them. Also I got some sweet videos of the guys feeding these sea lions. We got pretty close to some of them. I am going to send you guys some pics so that you can see. I also picked up a living crab which was kinda weird. I thought that it would pinch me, but it was all good. To add to the fun, we made a really cool thing in our house. We have one of the basketball hoops that you can hand on your door and shoot. Well we put this on the curtains and then pulled them out to make it into one of those games that you see at nickel cade where you shoot. I guess you will have to see the pick better to get it, but it is really cool!!!
Well thanks so much for all that you guys do. I love you guys and miss you!! See you soon!!

Elder Catmull

**And then I came home to find this letter in the mail......
As much as I am ready for him to come home, I admit, I will miss some of these tender mercies.

18 more days.**


Shawn said...

Oh----I can't believe that he's coming home so soon!! Wow! How great for you....

JennyMac said...

We saw some great miracles and we are working really hard here.

This is such an outstanding sentence. You have such an awesome heart.

MaeRae said...

Wow, the pride must be a swelling right about now. I am bumming about the pizza tower. I wanted that goal met, just cause he is a guy and it would have been so real!

AS Amber said...

Yay! He's such a good kid. I'm so excited for you to have him home soon. Sounds like he's had an incredible adventure!

Love you! H&H