Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Splenda Daddy!

On this date back in 1962 (yep, he's old), I'm sure Splenda's daddy was clapping his hands with glee for the tax break that just occurred. AND for his newest son to add to his posterity.

It's rough having a birthday right between Christmas and New Year's. It's easy to combine presents or to overlook the BD completely, what with all the other celebrating going on.

We've tried to always keep his special day separate. No Christmas wrapping. No combined presents. And definitely a different sort of party.

This year was a little low-key. We, and when I say we I mean he, is busy with final home preparations for Elder L. We are kinda thinking he might need his room scoured, dusted, cleaned out for one last time before he comes home to roost for awhile. Splenda wanted to paint. So, by his own choice, that is what he spent his day doing.

We did sneak out long enough to go to dinner, but again, nothing fancy, we'll do that when he has ALL his sons here.

I asked Splenda if, when he was younger, he ever thought his life would be like it is now. Poor dude didn't have a clue.

He spent his young and teen years playing. Baseball, basketball, riding motorcycles and skiing. I tried to find some pic's when he was young.

One of 7 children, his dad worked two, sometimes three jobs to keep the family going. Mom raised the kids, and did a flower business from her home. He being a middle child, was by all accounts fairly easy. Easy going, peacemaker and more than anything SHY.

One of the first things I learned about Splenda was his shyness. His Mom told me that up until he was about 6 or so, he was fairly outgoing and had lots of friends. He did however, have an ARM! Kid could throw like you wouldn't believe. He hucked a rock at a girl and didn't get invited her to birthday party. That's when his mom noticed the shyness take hold.

Speaking of an arm. Their home was in a newly developed area. He was throwing dirt clods at the house behind theirs when he struck a window and broke it. As punishment, not only did his Mom let the police scare him, she then took him to an empty field and made him throw rocks until his arm ached. She's a clever one that mom of his!

Speaking of shyness. He remembers playing baseball, and with his good arm, and quick feet, he made an excellent centerfieldman. He remembers catching a very important fly ball, throwing it in, and then all he could see was the grass while he heard all the cheers. He was too shy to lift his head.

He made it through school with his small, tight circle of friends, and then worked while trying to decide what he wanted to do when he met me. (and if you laugh at this picture, you will have 7 years of bad luck. For reals)

Life as he knew it was over. A new chapter had begun, which did NOT include shyness. I'll save the other stories for another post, but for now......

Happy Birthday Splenda! You make my world go 'round and I can't think of another person I would rather grow old with!




LaurieJ said...

I'm in for 14 then...
one laugh from the surprise and another laugh for the awesomeness!

Didn't that girl know when he threw that dirt clod he was really telling her he liked her in 6 year old language? Sheesh...

tammy said...

Not laughing, I promise. Are you wearing one of those tuxedo shirts and vests? Major flashback.

Happy Birthday Splenda!! Glad you got to spend it doing what you wanted.

kado! said...

oh...i love this post! ...and the pics that go along with it! Awesome!

Happy Happy Birthday Splenda!!!!!

Pedaling said...

i love that guy!
and your posts on him are always the best!
Happy Birthday Splenda Daddy! You're the Best!

CountessLaurie said...

you had some GREAT hair!
Seven years? My forties are gonna suck :-)

Very sweet post. Happy Birthday, S.D.!!

tiburon said...

That bottom picture is the greatest picture I have ever seen.


Omgirl said...

Who is the hot blond in that picture????

wendy said...

Yes indeedy, that is a hard time to have a birthday.

AND --I am not laughing.
I am choaking somewhat with the towel stuck down my throat trying to subdue the hysteria----
but not laughing

NOT (choak) never would laugh


Stace said...

DIG that pic!

on a totally unrelated note....mormon bachelor pad FOLLOWS you?! you lucky lady!

Mae Rae said...

Wow, that is so unbelievably special. This is such a great time to be ringing out the old and ringing in the new for you. Happy Birthday Splenda and Happy New Year Catmull's!

dubb and dawni said...

you guys are HOT! Happy B-day to the hubby!

Cherie said...

Lovin' the pictures...like totally!!!

Happy Birthday to your Splenda!

You two are fab!!