Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Night 2009 - round 1

Tradition dictates that we host a family dinner for Splenda's side. I keep it very casual. We provide everything, we just like for family to show up, kick back, relax, visit and enjoy some easy going down time.

Our only stipulation was that we were blessing the food at 5pm regardless of who was there. Of course, it's open house, so no obligation as to what time anyone needed to come.

At 5:01pm, Splenda and I said the prayer and loaded our plates to sit and look at each other. It was very quiet.

Within minutes, everyone started to trickle in and while I didn't get a lot of great photos...we did capture a few.

The whole gang for this year.

(l-r: Splenda, Tuffy, Granda J, S, B, Me, Jordan, S, S and S

Add in SIL J

Picture of someone taking a picture

Jordan doing what she did all day. Looking for any little bit of food of any sort that might have dropped. She didn't starve.
BIL's and Nephew

It was a nice evening to visit, and even nicer to clean everything up, put things back in place and head for bed.

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tammy said...

Family get togethers are the best!