Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to my stilt walking Shark!

Today is a big day. A BIG DAY! It's day that BFF SharkBait (ooh ha ha) turns another year older!

I thought about what I could to honor her in a way befitting her wonderfulness.

Could I list the 35 reasons I love the Tibster?
Could I just gush with love, affection and ooey, gooey love crap?

Niether of things seemed to fit.
Instead I wanted to honor her with a special video. I little video that I like to call "A Shark on Stilts".

You see, Tib is more than just a dear friend. She is my partner in many a crime. My straight man when I have the urge to be funny. My techno wizard with all things gadgetry. Most importantly, she laughs at me. I dig that. If I can't laugh, at myself and have others laugh at and with me, what's the point right?

Just when I think, wow, she's a fun friend. Boy, that girl is funny. Man, I just don't think I can love her anymore. She'll pop off with something that endears her to me even more.

Her latest foray into the lovefest for me?
Thanksgiving. Or Spanksgiving as they like to call it. We headed over for dessert and some fun. Some laughs. Some high hilarity. She.did.not.disappoint.

So without further ado, I present to you, my favorite video of all time, the one that sealed the deal for me, the one that endeared her to my heart just that.much.more.....

"A Shark on Stilts."

Really, she is just so dang cute and funny, I can't help but absolutley LOVE HER GUTS!

Happy Birthday my little angel Shark! I hope it's 35 ways of happiness!



tiburon said...

You are the bestest. were...until you posted that video.

I am ashamed.

And old.

But thanks for the kind words :)

Cherie said...

OK I hope you really weren't up at 4 on the morning!

Nice post for Tib - she sounds like a great friend! Good to have friends who can laugh at you and make you feel happy!

Vanessa said...

#1, Who has stilts just lying around their house?
#2, She really doesn't have balance, does she?
#3, I like Sharks too.

Jenny said...

Very funny, Hope she has a really nice 35th birthday.

tammy said...

I think the problem is they need to be in water. Then the shark could totally pull it off.

Sad I won't be there for lunch today. Give her a slap on the butt for me.

Sarah said...

HA HAHAHAHAH! That was hilarious.

Plain Jame said...

That was really funny! I loved that Adam like walked around on like it was nothing, and denting the house.... Her cursing it, calling it gay, talking about making out with women... Priceless.

I really love the coughing at the end where someone is hacking up a lung!

kado! said...

so now that the Shark is gay...will she make-out with me??!! ;)

Love the video!! Happy Birthday Tib!!!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Is it still warm enough there to be out in just shirts sleeves at night? Rats, I live in the WRong place!:~D