Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning 2009 - round 1; part 2

Christmas morning tradition is my fam, at my house for breakfast.
Lot's of people, food, jammie comparing and basically a form of controlled chaos.

The traditional green eggs and ham (Sam I Am)

Sharing Sissy's cool toys

And cute little girls stuffing their cheeks with chocolate muffins!


tammy said...

Connor still loves his tent/tunnel contraption. Last night I found it out again and somehow he'd coaxed Gramps into it with him.

kado! said...

how fun...only the green eggs scared me a little! The boys would LOVE that though!

Pedaling said...

her hair is looking cute. much better.
fun toys and green eggs and ham...that's different.

tiburon said...

Those eggs kind of make my butt cheeks clench.