Monday, December 7, 2009

Ruth's diner, Victoria Secrets and Shark


The B-Day celebration for lil miss Shark continued on Saturday. First it was Ruth's diner for breakfast. This was a new thing for me. I have heard legends about this diner for years. Today was the day I had my Ruth's virtue taken from me. Our server informed me that he had taken a many, and that I was in good hands. He didn't lie.These mile high biscuits are to DIE FOR. So yummy. Every bit of breakfast was fantastic. The food, the chatting, the atmosphere. Good times.

After that, and a quick trip to Toys R Us for some checking on toy availability, we headed for our MAIN destination.

Let me preface. No woman should ever buy her bras from Costco. Or Shopko. Or Target. Or, {gasp} Walmart. NEVER. We are better than that friends. Our girls deserve nothing but the best. I dragged Shark to the mecca of beautiful lingerie. The Holy Land of worldly underwear.

I walked purposefully in, she was a little more reserved in her stride (if you can imagine), and immediately we were asked if we needed help. HECK YEAH we, I me SHE, needs help. I explained our purpose, which once I had pointed out the obvious, it was crystal clear what needed to be done. I turned Tib over to the capable hands of our Victoria Secret helper and they disappeared into the back room. THE BACK ROOM kids! I refrained from photos there. Instead, I just perused panties since I had a free 10 bucks and need a white elephant gift.

After a short while, she emerged grinning like a Cheshire cat. She had found the perfect fit. Now, for color selection and making the final decisions.

Before we left, one more shot of a now very happy, satisfied Shark

What a fun day! She introduced me to the wonder that is Ruth's diner. I introduced her to the wonder of a Victoria Secrets bra. I figure it's an even trade.

And as a disclaimer, despite the fear in my husband's face when I told him what we were doing (Me + Tib + Victoria's Secret = The epitome of embarrassing and inappropriate behavior), the store did not need to close the doors after us to protect the other patrons. We were relatively well behaved, no one got hurt, and the store is still standing.

I call the day a success!


Pedaling said...

you two are funny.
a little weird,
but funny.

tiburon said...


I wore my leopard print bra yesterday. It was hot.

The boys were lookin good.

Thanks for being my shopping buddy. I will not buy bras at Costco anymore.

CountessLaurie said...

sounds like a good time was had by all :)

Stace said...

i wholeheartedly agree! i nearly died when tibbles told me about the escapade to vickies (and the reason you were going...ahem....costco bras). THANK YOU for helping our beloved shark :)

tammy said...

Costco Tiburon? I didn't even know Costco sold bras. So glad M-Cat has your girls' best interest at heart.

Martha H. said...

There's nothing like a bra from VS. I'm so glad you were able to help a sistah out and that the store is still standing.

Erin said...

My dad told me about Ruth's Diner a couple of months ago. Then, after you mentioned it on Facebook, I started thinking. And obsessing. And I will not rest until I have eaten there. Too bad I live almost four hours away.

Vanessa said...

I didn't know the Shark (rabbit) was so embarrassed about someone touching her chest.

AS Amber said...

I have to admit...I bought a bra at Gag Mart a week ago. I freakin' LOST my other bra. How does that happen? Especially since I only own ONE!!!

But the girls needed a roof over their heads and I was desperate.

But you're right...NOTHING is better that Victoria and her blessed secret.

tiburon said...

Oh I WASN'T worried about someone touching my chest.

As a matter of fact. I DEMANDED IT.

I said I wasn't going through with the bra fitting unless I was getting felt up!

kado! said...'ve got to be kidding right...Tib had never been to VS? Seriously I could open up my own VS store from my own closet. Actually my dream is to someday (when I have more money than I know what to do with) have my own huge separate closet just for my lingerie...oh....that would be awesome!

Looks like you guys had a blast...wish I was there...i could have done the bra-fitting for the Shark...oh...did I just actually type that....

Omgirl said...

What? Seriously no pictures of the girls in leopard print??? Gyp.

Anonymous said...

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