Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friends are what make the world go 'round

I prolly have mentioned a time or two about my Bonco group. I KNOW YOU OTHER PEOPLE SPELL IT BUNKO - LAY.OFF.ME.MAN!

We started it about 17 years ago, and after the first year we got bored of playing the game so we just get together once a month for dinner or something fun. I wish I had started a blog clear back then, you would have gotten a kick out of some of our adventures.

We have a traditional Christmas party. Usually at DD's house. But it caught fire a few weeks ago, so WC kindly offered her place.
We order out, talk, laugh, and play a silly white elephant game. Having been together for 17 years, we have LOTS to talk and laugh about. We've had kids on missions, kids get married, grandbabies, one couple got divorced - they don't hang out anymore, parents die, grandbabies die, friends move, houses burn down..... you name it, we've gone through it. Together. They are some of my bestest besties and will be forever. To infinity and beyond.

S and D the B's - wearing their super duper hats that just keep coming back year after year.

D and R the D's -

J and D - the D's

V and W - the C's

Splenda and me with our super, great, totally awesome prizes. Not that they'll show up in another white elephant game this year. What do you think I am a re-gifter? Ab-so-frickin-lutely!

To my bestest BONCO besties - I love you!




tammy said...

I'm not going to give you a hard time about spelling BUNKO wrong, but WTH is up with the teeny tiny pics??

Chief said...

I wish I still had a Bonco group! it was so much fun!

M-Cat said...

Yeah, what the crap with the teeny tiny pictures? ARRRGGGHHHH

J.J. said...

That sounds mayerly fun! }:) he he he

Pedaling said...

i call it bonko, too!
we rock!
friendships are important....
i think some forget this,
and then they are lonely and sad.

Mae Rae said...

regifts are the best gifts. I am friends with a group that has a regift party the week after new years. Everyone brings the one gift the received but would never use. It is so much fun.

wendy said...

Ah-some fun!!
I am at my daughters here in West Jordan --for Christmas--probably only a stones throw from where you live.
I wish I had time to plan a HUGE bloggy party with all of you around here just to laugh, hug, and share.
I'd love that.
Home in 4 days--missing hubby, but will be hard to say goodbye to the kids and grandkids

merry christmas
just asking --do you think you are on santa's naughty or nice list?? (tee,hee)

Shauna said...

Hope you have a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ HUGS ♥

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