Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday Missionary Update...and a whole lot of rambling

sorry i forgot to tell you guys that i cant email today, our p day is thursday love you guys!!

Yup. That was our email yesterday. Are you kidding me? I had some VERY specific questions that I really can't wait until Thursday for the answer. Like - let's confirm the time for the Christmas day call. Do you have fleas? If so, I need to prepare. You know, things like that. Now I have to wait clear until Thursday morning. And that's if he'll even answer them. I really shouldn't worry about it. I won't let him off the phone on Friday until he's answered. That is, if we get to talk to him Friday. Yes, a test call went through, but the woman who answered didn't speak English and our fab friend who is letting us use her free international calling doesn't speak Spanish - so there you have it. We don't even know if we have the right number. If it was even Chile we will be calling. Should be lots of fun, and NO, I'm not stressed at all about it. Not.one.bit.

Christmas is this week. Friday. I don't even care. Okay, maybe a little since Sissy will be opening her presents and we may or may not get to speak to our missionary, but other than that, I really don't even care. I just want the week to be over and next week to be here. I will say we have the majority of shopping done, just a few little things left over, but I'm sure I'll get some screaming deals the day after Christmas so why not wait, I have time, right?

My house looks like it's been thrown up in. For reals. You can barely walk in the front door. I don't cope in clutter. I think that is why I have been hiding in my room with the door shut. That and the noise of the machinery that Splenda is using scares the living crap out of Jordan and she sits shaking and cowering in fear. I have some SERIOUS work to do around here in the next several days.

However, I am on call this week, so my time is limited. No days off for me ('cept the holidays of course), so I just weave my way around the crap strewn about everywhere and plot about just loading it all on the trailer and sneaking it to the dump. Okay, not everything, but really, do we NEED all this crap?

Speaking of being on call, and having the archaic pager. Every time it beeps, I remember poor Kasey. It would scare him and he would spend all week in a nervous breakdown. I miss that stupid dog. Today's snow storm would have put him in 7th heaven.

I have realized what a huge loser I am. I have gotten the CUTEST Christmas cards the past several days. I mean CUTE! Cute kids, cute families, cute sayings, on and on and on. I have not sent ONE. I think I stopped sending them the year my oldest got married and life was absolutely crazy. Major upheaval and I couldn't barely think, let alone do one more thing. And, I just haven't picked it back up yet. Maybe next year. Or not. But to everyone who has sent me cards....... LOVED 'EM! You are winners. I am not.


Kristina P. said...

People still use pagers?

DeNae said...

I haven't done Christmas cards, either. I'm aiming for "Groundhog's Day Cards". And can I be honest? Those holiday phone calls with our missionary really stressed me out. This is a kid who, under normal circumstances, wouldn't have more than 30 words to say, and we were expected to have a lengthy conversation with him? Oh my word, it was like 20 questions. "Are you enjoying the food?" "Yes." "Are you getting along with your companion?" "Yes." "Are you hoping your mother goes out of her mind trying to run both sides of this fetching conversation?" "Yes."

Vanessa said...

You are welcome. That is...if you got mine. I had to look you up in the white pages.

So excited for you for Thurs and next week!

tammy said...

I don't blame you for not even caring about Christmas this year. And cards....I sucketh this year too.

Mae Rae said...

Celebrate Little Christmas instead. Christmas cards are for people with WAY too much time on thier hands. JK! I don't send them and haven't in 11 years. I just ran out of time in my life for it. I love getting them.

tiburon said...

I am a winner. You said so.