Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 - Round 1

Tradition has it that we congregate at my brother's house for soup and breadbowls. So we do. Every year. My side, and my SIL's side together. The numbers vary from year to year depending on who's in jail or who's on house arrest. JUST KIDDING! (or not).

After eating, we play the funnest white elephant gift game. SERIOUS GAG GIFTS PEOPLE! This year did not disappoint. I am the proud owner of a pig that poops candy. Oh yes, he does. More to come on him later as he also sings and squeals while doing so.

We are a bunch of rather obnoxious, but hysterical people. I'm just missing the picture of the Santa Cookie jar wearing the Victoria Secret panties. Jen?.......

1 comment:

Pedaling said...

obnoxious hysterical is so much better than proper and lame!

boo got a sheep that poops...
those are funny.