Thursday, December 24, 2009

Missionary Update.....Merry Christmas Eve


Hey how are you guys doing!!! Merry Christmas EVE!!!! Here honestly does not feel like Christmas Eve at all. I mean, everyone celebrates Christmas, but it is not the same at all. I will tell you on the phone all of the details. Well sorry for not telling you guys about the PDAY change, I totally forgot. But just to confirm, you guys did call the right number cause the mamita told me that someone called from the US and tried to talk haha it was funny. Sorry we are good to go tomorrow at 4 a clock, consider it good to go. AH and to answer the question about the garments thing mom. I actually kinda want difirent ones than I have, but just a couple. I have a lot of lost ones, un matched pars and so I will need some new ones. My size is 32 S for the bottoms. I t would also be cool if for the tops I could get some that have the low neck and that are extra smalls, and the others that are just the t shirt. But that is about it. Just so you know, I will be coming home with very little clothes…… Literaly…..haha just kidding. Well I will not send you guys a long email, just for the fact that we are going to talk tomorrow. I am going to send a voice recording of last night. I hope that you guys enjoy it. I love you guys so much. Okay and just to confirm, tomorrow, the 25th at 4pm chile time. I love you guys soooo much!! Talk to you soon!!
Elder Catmull

Just a few more days!


M-Cat said...

Okay so the youtube file is 10 minutes, but it's the same thing repeated over a couple of times. If you bother to listen, it's just the first 3 and hlf minutes or so.

Love my boy!

tiburon said...

Oh my goodness - what a cutie :)