Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Google Analytics or better said: Analytics Schmanalytics

The Shark plays this once a month or so, and since I want to be just like her when I grow up, I figured I better start playing myself.  It's fun, really.  Actually - is it fun or just funny to see what searches bring people to your blog?  Here is how it works:

You run your Google Analytics for the month and look to see what phrases or keywords people used that brought them to your blog....some are obvious and therefore BORING, but some are downright funny.

This month:

he is an inspiration - I'm a SHE.  Not a he.  Get it right.

gang term for sissy - There is no gang term.  She's just straight up Sissy - although sometimes we do like to call her Milkshake-sha-nay-nay.

course demolition a laurieville - Countess?  Did you have anything to do with this one? 

boo vaguebookers - Yes BOO indeed.  Hate vaguebookers.  So lame.

costco bras - Only if your names rhymes with Schmark.

bra cutlets - Since the discovery of my new wonder from VS - I got a couple I could prolly pass on via la giveaway.

biceps girl - Why yes.  I do enjoy my biceps.  I am working on getting them cut like diamonds.

lidocaine in bloodstream, what happens - I can't say for you, but if it's me, then you might find yourself in the ER having a severe reaction.  Keep mega doses of Benadryl on hand.

mundungo soup - ?  I don't have an answer or reponse on that one.  It kinds sounds like poo, but not sure.  In the future, please add more key words in your search. 

peed pants - Thanks for bringing back that memory.

radi madi mean - Radi madi mo?

spiritual buca de beppo - Only if you are at the Pope's table I suppose.  Although eating there is kind of like a spiritual experience for me.

triathlon pee dance - Again with the pee?  Sheesh, you would think I would have more class on my blog.

And really, enough with the whole glitter toes.  24 different times in the last month someone hit my blog with this in their search.  They were cute, they were fun for a minute, but we are over them.  Let's move on.

So what do your analytics say?


tiburon said...

I think you already know what mine says.

And for the record I am OVER the Costco bras. How long are you going to hang it over my head.

I am all about Vicky.

tammy said...

Those were quite random.

I don't have my blog set to show up if anyone does a Google search. Apparently I am missing out. Maybe I should try it for a month.

CountessLaurie said...

I don't know what was funnier ... the searches or your responses to them. I am laughing out loud over here.

I don't know how to do these google analytics of which you speak. How about a tute? I suppose I could google it, but I am lazy.

And no, we do not have demolition courses in Laurieville, but thanks for checking. If we do get enough interest, maybe we will add them


Vanessa said...

Here is my favorite google search: "Vanessa is an insecure bitch".

Bitch yes, insecure, no.

Jillybean said...

I have a plethora of searches for potty training quotes, preschool show and tell, and garbage truck cakes.

Garden of Egan said...

I've never done the analytics thing.
I'm afraid of any type of analyis.

Terri Ferran said...

Just think--I wasted all this time coming directly to your blog when I could have been searching for you in random ways using nonsensical phrasing! No wonder I have so much time on my hands!

Pedaling said...

too funny!

i've got the analytics thing going on, my searches aren't as fun though!


I am off to change some settings....

Mae Rae said...

he he he ...you said pee.

kado! said...

i need to check mine!

yours are funny this month!