Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 15 Reasons I dug Traffic School

I was naughty.  I was not a good citizen.  I made a serious lapse in judgement and got caught.  I was speeding.  I was lasered at 50 in a 35 zone.  Nice cop (who looked 12 years old BTW) dropped it to 5 over and mentioned traffic school.  Didn't even cite me for talking on my phone.  Which I was.  See?  I told you I was bad.  The fine was $90.00.

I go into the courthouse to discuss the citation.  I am given an appointment to meet with the traffic ref.
I meet with the traffic ref.  He reviewed my record, my current sitch, and offered me the chance to pony up another $60.00 and attend traffic school.  I goon probation for 6 months and the points never hit my insurance.  I take the deal.

I'm ticked about traffic school.  First - it's an all night event.  Second - it's on Monday night.  Zumba night.  Me - ticked on all kinds of levels.

However, I walked into the classroom at 6:50 and walked out at 8:25 - a different driver.

And now, I present my top 15 reasons why I totally dug Traffic School.

15.  The officer was playing funny videos on the big screen while we wandered in and waited for it to start. (like the two below - LMBO)

14.  The cop wasn't ugly.

13.  The cop was a very good public speaker, was engaging, and I found myself entertained and educated at the same time.

12.  I wasn't the oldest person there.

11.  I wasn't the youngest person there.

10.  The little white haired Grandma sitting next to me giggled a lot.

9. And she had a cute yellow smiley face watch.  I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home.

8.  I walked in the room with a 5lb chip on my shoulder and left 5lb lighter.

7.  The officer told us where all the cops hang out with their radar guns and laser machines throughout WJ.

6.  I learned that you don't have to wait 3 seconds at the stop sign.  There is no 3 second law.

5.  I learned that if you turn left in front of a car, regardless if you have the light, you will get the citation. 

4.  The kid on the front row rode a motorcycle and never wears a seatbelt.  And admitted it openly.

3.  The officer said that anyone who doesn't wear a helmet is an "IDIOT."

2.  The officer explained that they don't hang out at the high schools with the intent to cite for speeding, but rather to enforce the seatbelt law.

And my number one reason:

1.  Officer List ended the class with a powerful picture of an accident that happened in WJ a few years ago.  He demonstrated how they review the skid marks, and determine point of impact and speed.  He explained that based on all the evidence and forensics of the scene,  if the driver of the truck who was speeding was just driving a mere 5 miles slower, the accident would have never happened and the young mother and her toddler son would have never died.

And then we were excused.

I drive much slower now.  I can't promise I'll stay off my phone, let me baby step this.  But I will most def slow down......

Shout out to WJPD and especially Officer List!


Martha H. said...

So proud of you for slowing down.

Guess I should follow suit.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you.
I'm glad I didn't have to come and visit you in jail.

Grandmas that speed are awesome.

Pedaling said...

he said anyone who does wear a helmet is an idiot?

sounds like you learned many helpful and interesting tips.

now i must go watch the video's.

Wonder Woman said...

I loved traffic school. I mean, I don't want to go back any time soon, but if I had to, I wouldn't cry. Our guy wasn't as funny or cute, but I learned a lot. He basically showed lots and lots of pictures of accidents and told what laws people broke that got them there. I learned a lot and came out a much better driver, too.

tiburon said...

This post feels like an afterschool special. I am adding "Do not speed" to my list. Right under "No premarital sex" and "Tell someone if the touch is inappropriate"

Oh and I love that your top 10 list has 15 items...

Mae Rae said...

BWAA HA HA...sorry Tib's comment was too funny.

I love Malcolm in the Middle.

I am glad you are going to slow down. It will keep you around longer.

Braden said...

Hilarious. I had to go to traffic school here in TN. We watched a video and our teacher (not a cop) talked about how important it was to keep good self esteem. I guess people drive badly because they have low self-esteem. Then she gave us a teacher evaluation and told us if we rated her highly she'd let us out early. I was a good citizen though, and told the truth in spite of the bribe. Bwa-hah, just kidding. I said she was great.

carma said...

been through the same thing 51 in a 35 but in my defense -- it was 4 lane road!!!!! Not that mattered to the cop I guess. I drive like an old lady these days too

tammy said...

So you're saying he was a hottie McHottie pants?

I really missed out taking mine on-line.

That first video is one my favorites of all times.

tammy said...

Oh, and I was being nice the other day, helping my neighbor out by taking their little girl to school with Connor. I told her to wait until I backed the car up, but intsead she proceeds to the Camaro, opens the door and it slams into my Yukon before I could stop her!!! I was so ticked!! See what I get when I try and be nice?

Lara said...

I went to traffic school once, too.

The cop told us the one place in town not to speed because that's where they're always lying in wait. Then he asked how many of us got our tickets in that stretch of road. 3/4 of the class (including me) raised their hands. I never sped again there, and in fact tried to avoid it at all costs. :)

And I agree with the video and pictures they show of accidents. Pretty sobering, and I am definitely a better driver for it.

Emily :) said...

I LOVED the video of the DUI test!! I couldn't do the alphabet backwards if I was paid to. You're a funny chicka!

Just ME the MOM said...

I had to attend traffic school a few years back and now think it should be mandatory for everyone every 5-7 years or so. Hate to admit it - but I really quite enjoyed it ;)

Love the DUI video - ha!


CountessLaurie said...

Wow- we don't have a traffic school option and I am feeling left out. Those videos were freakin hilarious!!

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