Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slang Gang Word(s) of the Day

May 23: Papal Pound

When at Church giving thanks, instead of shaking the person's hand, you give them a fist pound instead.

I am a huge germaphobe, so at church i give people a Papal Pound.

Some young punk at Sunday Mass tried to Papal Pound me.

The Pope, Papal Pounded Howie Mandel on the set of Deal or No Deal.

**I think this is a trend that should be started, no matter what religion you are.  Although the picture in my head of the Pope papal pounding Howie is hysterical**

May 24: Airplane Talker

1. A person who stands within the confines of your personal space bubble (causing extreme discomfort) to hold an ordinary conversation, like someone sitting next to you on an airplane would.

2. A person who speaks louder than the current conversation calls for, as if they are trying to talk over a plane's engines.

 Your friend, over there, is a total airplane talker.

**We all know one.  We all hate it.  Please step out of my personal space bubble and shut up**

May 25: intexticated

Describes people who drive while sending text messages on their phones.

"Dude, what was THAT?!"

"Probably just some intexticated highschooler."

"How did she get in a car accident?"

"She was intexticated."

**After traffic school last night, I  will never drive intexticated again.  I'll make sure to have a "texting tag-along"**


Lindzena said...

Oh man, I love 'Intexicated'. It's very dangerous to text and drive, and it is not a skill that I possess. I love these posts, keep em' coming.

Garden of Egan said...

Love them! Especially intexticated. I see a few of those in the ER. They are dumber than the intoxicated ones.

tammy said...

I make my boys be my texting tag-alongs all the time. Now Connor thinks it's so fun, he wants his own phone just for texting.

I'm afraid Luvpilot will one day be a permanent airplane talker. Hazard of the job.

Jewls said...

Bwhaahahaha, love these!

Mae Rae said...

i have seen to many of those england based PSA's on texting to become a tester while driving.

wendy said...

texticating can be trajic ---I had a case while working at the SLC courthouse, of a person who ran a red light cause he was texting, and killed a young girl in another car.
put the damn phone away

papal pounding, good idea.

super good job on your tri-athalon.
Dang sucky weather. It has been a cold spring everywhere it seems.
I love the photo of you and your friend in your NYY hat and her Boston Hat. funny
I can't believe the athletisism (sp) of you guys. That is soooo cool.
I would love actually to prepare for something that demanding

and p.s. say hi to everyone for me if you end up at the CBC this weekend. I wish so bad I could be there and hang with ya'all