Sunday, May 23, 2010

The post in which I share another proud Mom moment. If only every mom could get a text like this during church.

alcohol + testosterone =

Actual text convo (me sitting in Stake Conference; the boy on his way home from Park City)

'dawg:  "Got in a fight last night ;) "

Me:  "about what?  are u okay and what does the other kid look like?"

'dawg:  "I'm fine.  My friend David got jumped and I whoooped that kids a**.  I have a fat lip.  That's it though.  Felt good to fight."

Me:  "felt good to fight.......u need to get ur butt to boot camp.  dinner @ noon"

'dawg:  "Haha.  I'm in Park City. We are on our way home.  Got a plate for Corby?"

Me:  "sure....I'm in stake conf   talk 2 u after"

'dawg:  "Love you.  Thanks Mom"

I'm still digesting the "felt good to fight".  I didn't actually see him today, just the picture of a slightly swollen lip.  I need to see his knuckles.  
Last I heard from him, he was on his way to rescue another friend who called in trouble, they never made it to my house for dinner.

Not surprised at the fight.  You know what happens when you mix beer, boys and adrenaline.  I am surprised that he let his face take anything. 

For the love of the Marine's and all that is holy could we PLEASE get this kid to boot camp and on his way?


Garden of Egan said...

Nice uplifting Stake Conf inspirations there for ya Em.

Nice fat lip. He should make a great Marine, rescuing friends and all.
Ya, that face is a bit too cute to make ugly. He better hurry off to boot camp.

CountessLaurie said...

OY! Well, at least he was protecting the little people!!

Mae Rae said...

I love the swollen red lip. between your fat lip and my broken hand and black ear...We could form a new post called the "what is black and blue and red all over...boys". You must have more horror stories of bumps and bruises because yours are all grown up.

Jenny said...

At least he is loyal... that will be good for the Marine Corp.

tammy said...

Can I just say you are the best mom ever. How many would feel comfortable texting that to their mom, knowing they wouldn't get a lecture in return?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

*snort* Awesome.

tiburon said...

I shall come and help him pack.