Sunday, May 9, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010

I wrangled back and forth as to whether or not I would participate based on this post..   But then I had a great comment from Amy  who sent me this link. 
After some time to think and yes, pray about it.  I came to the conclusion, that for me, I am in support of the greater good.

Friday, I went downtown to get my packet, and register Splenda and 'dawg.  They were going to run it with me!

Of course it's all about PINK you know, so we had to be all decked out in pink.

The sun was up - the morning was beautiful and we made our way to the start line.  As you mingle with over 15,000 other people are united in the same cause, it can be a bit overwhelming.

 I saw some fantastic shirts and signs.

Save the Ta-Ta's

Titty Committee - Big or small we love 'em all

Saving second base.

But most of all, I loved seeing the Survivor shirts.  Those women who are survivors of breast cancer receive a special shirt.  They inspire me.

While we were waiting, we met up with Lisa and I also came across Vanessa.  

Okay, why is it that even FIRST THING IN THE MORNING SHE IS BEAUTIFUL?????

The horn sounded and off we went.  Splenda hung back - Lisa got a quick jump and 'dawg and I just started weaving our way around people.  At about the half mile mark, we found Lisa and fell into step with her.

At the mile mark a man was calling out the times for us.  We were at a 7:30 pace which pleased me immensely!  I was wanting to crank.  It was my first race/run of the season and since my injury and with Non's name on my back, I knew I couldn't do anything less than my best for her!  We continued around the corner and about the mile and a half mark 'dawg asked if we minded if he took off.  Heck no!  Go dude!

Away he flew and I mentioned to Lisa that there were a couple of reasons why I thought he needed to take off.  1.  He is as competitive as me, or more so if you can believe.  Getting passed was likely pissing him off.  2.  He was in his Marine poolee shirt.  Marine pride.  Need I say more?

Lisa and I continued at a great pace and as we rounded the corner into the Gateway, we picked it up and sprinted in.  As I crossed the line I looked at my watch and saw that my time was 25:41.  Well done. I was happy.  Non - that was for you baby!

We continued through the chute, met up with 'dawg and calculated that his time was around 21:00.  Well done indeed!

Bananas, oranges, water and waiting for Splenda.  I originally thought he was only doing the mile walk.  So that fact that we still hadn't seen him started me worrying that he was waiting at the corner for us to come in as a family (which we had discussed earlier).

'dawg and I said good-bye to Lisa (I need our bifecta picture Lis) and then walked backwards trying to find Splenda.  Finally saw him coming through the chute with a gazillion other people.  Dude had done the whole 5k!  I am so proud of him!!

We wandered the booths and the vendors.  Picked up some freebies and watched the people.  We then headed back to the car.  I needed more running time, so I ran to the car, circled back to 'dawg and Splenda then did it again and again until we finally all reached the car.

So a couple of journal notes.  This was 'dawgs first ever race or event and certainly is first ever organized 5k.  He killed it.  I am proud of him and how serious he is taking his training for boot camp.  He will be no weak sauce there.
Splenda did the whole 5k.  I didn't even realize this until we were on our way home.  I seriously thought he just walked the mile.  Nope.  He wogged the whole 5k.  Considering some of the health issues he has had over the past little while, I couldn't be prouder of him and encouraged by his desire to be active!

Lastly, this was all about her.  Nonalee.

We lost her about a year and a half ago.  I miss her.  I love her.  I will do this for her year after year after year.

And for all the other women and men who have the misfortune in their cards to get this ugly disease.

Yes, we'll find a cure.  We'll do it.  Saving one boobie at a time!


tammy said...

You inspire me. (although I think I probably did at least a 5k around Disneyland)

Thanks for saving my boobies.

Vanessa said...

I'm glad I found you! It was a great race, such amazing energy...and to see all the survivors brought a tear to my eye.

And we ran for my Mother in law who beat the darn breast cancer. I'll see you again next year!

And PS, I had no makeup on...I wasn't about to take my sunglasses off :)

Mae Rae said...

AWESOME!!! So proud of you girl! I have been wanting to hear some great running stories from you. So happy that it went great for you. Congrats to Dawg and Splenda as well.

tiburon said...

I am so glad you had the chance to do that. And I am so jealous that I couldn't join you!

Way to help save second base!

Martha H. said...

Thanks for saving the boobies.

So proud of you guys.

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I am glad you chose to participate. I love the t-shirts people create and the team names they come up with. The team name for my 3-day team is Defending 2nd Base.

CountessLaurie said...

Way to go! I am glad to read their position on PP. It makes me feel better about that.

I am glad you all had a great day!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

My dad is fighting lymphoma and his mom died of breast cancer. So I say, YOU GO GIRL!

veronica said...

Way to go!
My father-in-law was just diagnosed with cancer. Thanks for supporting the fight!

kado! said...

of all the things to save in the world...BOOBIES deserve it the Mostest!

you Rock!

Jenny said...

Some day, I want to do this. My Aunt has breast cancer!