Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Time to express some gratitude....

I am thankful for people who "get" me.  I'm not easy to understand and most often obnoxious and offensive without trying.  I appreciate my friends who still laugh with me and validate me.  You know who you are.  I love you.

My furnace.  It's friggin MAY!  And my furnace is running.  And I am so damn thankful, I can't stand it.  I want to come home, climb into my jammies with some thermals underneath and slink under my covers never to come out again.  The furnace allows me to surface.  Thank you furnace.

I'm so thankful that my boys are done with Little League baseball.  For SO MANY YEARS, we spent this time of year living at the ball park.  Every night.  Cold or not cold.  Cooking burgers, keeping score, yelling at umpires, encouraging my sons.  It was a fun time in our lives and full of memories that will last forever, but I am glad that it's not our season of life anymore.

I am thankful for Jazz tickets for Saturday night!  Gonna go scream my lungs out, trash talk some Laker fans, and hopefully not get Splenda in a fight.   Good times.  Can't wait!

I am thankful that my fam can take a joke.  That we can be sarcastic, funny, witty, and pick at each other, but all know that at the end of the day, we would die on the sword for each other.

I am thankful that my son's divorce papers are finally filed.  They both need to move on with their lives.

And finally..... I'm thankful for certain blogs that allow me to stalk guiltfree.  You know, we all have those in our readers that we love to read, but rarely comment.  You don't know much personally about the author but you like their work.  Whether it be funny or touching or insightful.  You can hit their part of the www world, be entertained and then move on without feeling like you've neglected a dear friend by not leaving a comment.  You know, that one blog that you will likely never meet the author IRL, you just enjoy them fairly anonymously.  Well, I have one that I am going to "come out of the closet" on.  The little office comedy blog called:
Ever been there?  He doesn't post every day since he is involved in a lot of other writing thingamajiggies, but when he does?  DUDE IS FUNNY!.  I don't care if you don't work in an office, you will find his take on the corporate world funny and amusing.  If you do work in the office environment, then you will relate on all kinds of levels.  Likely piddling yourself on more than one occasion.  And now that I'm "out" and all, I will have to leave my ninja stealth like skills behind me and comment more.  What do they say?  Be loud, be proud?
Anyhoo...go check him out.  And then let me know just how right I am. 

So that's my list for the week.  How about you?  Thankful for anything in particular?  socks, thumbs, watermelon? ........


tiburon said...

I wish that I got you.

And I am a little shocked you aren't thankful for the manner in which you obtained those Jazz tickets...


Cherie said...

That is funny! Workforced sent me an e-mail a week or two ago and invited me to come to his blog. I had never had that happen so I went to check it out (I have no idea how he found me) and you are right he is DANG funny!

You rock!! (That is in reference to those who "get you". I hope I "get you" but in any case I like ya!)

Garden of Egan said...

Hilarious post!
I would love to have Jazz tickets...not to see them play or even talk trash....but I wanna watch you talk trash and scream and be totally offensive!

Ya, about the furnace....I'm thankful for that too. Sheesh. I obviously was very mistaken when I thought it was May. I think it's about the 4th of January. Silly me for getting caught in some time warp.

I'm curious to know how you obtained the tickets. Tib made some mention.....did you steal, sell yourself?

Suzie said...

I do get you and I like you.
have fun at the Jazz-raise some hell!

Mae Rae said...

smiles and smiles on this one. I am thankful that my youngest announced to us at the age of 5 that he was artistic not athletic and had no interest in playing ball. Of course, it probably did not help that from the age of 9 days old he was on the sidelines of the field forced to watch his older brothers.

I recieved an email from Workforced too, are you selling our names to fund your basketball junkie habit?

Scrappy Girl said...

I think I "get you" too...btw...I am not ok with Dr. hubby buying his mom and I the same gifts. It bugged me. 2 totally different relationships = 2 different types of gifts. I wasn't sure I was being mature about it so that is why I posted about it and asked my bloggy buds. I can always count on you guys to give it to me straight!

JennyMac said...

Love your thankful list. And I bet I would totally get you.

Happy Mommy's Day my friend!

Pedaling said...

checked out the new site and yes it is a goodie. thanks.

more jazz fun!
okay, so the cold- i guess i could be thankful for our furnace as well- way to think happy & positive...

people that get you are my kind of people!

have a great week-end!

tammy said...

I am thankful for you.

And the people at Disneyland that made me feel pretty dang good about myself. (I could start a blog for

I'm also thankful my furnace hasn't needed to come on in months. The a/c though, is another story.

kado! said...

i got a e-mail from "workforced" a few weeks ago...guess since you vouch for him I'd better hit him up! yo!

Braden said...

I am so thankful to know Little League will end one day. Hate. It.