Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day

May 14: and then I found five dollars

a phrase used at the end of a story that had really no point to be told to someone. used at the end of boring stories to make them seem more interesting and worthwhile.

"yesterday i went to the fridge and took out a yogurt but put it back and got an apple instead.
...and then i found 5 dollars."

**I had a very clever response to put in here and then I forgot it.......and then I found 5 dollars**

May 17: pretext

Verb, portmanteau - To pretend to text someone or reply to someone's text message to avoid awkward situations. This happens most often when talking to someone you don't really know or when you don't want to look weird while waiting for the bus.

My crush, Addie, and I have run out of things to talk about so I will pretext to avoid any awkward silences.

**I am mid sentence when people near me start texting.  I now understand why.   It's cause........and then I found 5 dollars**


Lindzena said...

Ha! I pretext all the freaking time. I've never used 'then I found five dollars'. I usually end up just ending awkwardly. Then, when it's quiet for a moment, I'll say, "Cool story Hansel! Thanks, Olaf." This is hilarious if you have ever seen the movie Zoolander. People laugh and then the subject changes. Works every time.

Garden of Egan said...

Em....you can't possibly think Mark Harmon and Ted Bundy in the same sentence! Seriously!
I live for that show and now you are trying to take it away from me????

I have so few pleasures left. Then I found five dollars!

You are truly crazy! I think you are my twin sista from a different mutha!

tammy said...

I totally pretext all the time. It comes in handy quite often.

wendy said...

I DON'T text---and when I empty my husbands pants pockets, to get ready for the wash
I sometimes find dollars. whooopee. finders keepers

CountessLaurie said...

I don't text but I sure do tell some pointless stories... this one is going to come in handy!

Kelly and Sara said...

Yeah! I am your 100th follower, Congrats! Just found your blog today, follow us at:


Cherie said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha this is so great!

ummmm....Oh yeah and then I found 4 dollars!

Cherie said...

OK I am on the floor rolling with laughter because I just read the comment I posted and I freakin' posted 4 dollars and it's 10:08 and I'm thirsty so it doesn't get much funnier than that right now!

And then I found 5 stinkin' dollars!

Pedaling said...

or as some say..

fye dollah.

kado! said...

my oldest adds a "5 dollar" phrase to almost every story he tells..and it kills you because you just know it's coming!

pretext, ha!

Chief said...

when do you have time to come up with this shiet